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Father Making Barefoot Trek from Maine to North Carolina To Help Fund Research for Daughter’s Condition

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Romy Arroyo Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images

One amazing father is showing the world that there is no distance too long when it comes to helping the daughter he loves.

So, if you live anywhere between Maine and North Carolina, you may spot a guy in a yellow shirt and military pants, don’t be alarmed. Even though he may be barefoot.

Father Makes Trek to Fund Daughter’s Research

The man in question is named Chris Brannigan and he’s walking 1,200 miles completely barefoot from Maine to North Carolina starting this past Tuesday morning. His daughter, 9-year-old Hasti, has just been diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. This is a potentially life-threatening and life-limiting disease that currently has no treatments or a cure.

“Having a child with a rare disease is a journey, and it’s really scary, and it was a journey to figure out what was going on, get a diagnosis, understand how we could help, and now this incredibly difficult journey to raise $3.5 million to create a therapy. So I felt like I had to do something that was long and arduous and difficult, and to be honest, she’s, she’s really my role model. You know, she faces her difficulties with a smile on her face, and I’m going to try and do the same,” Brannigan said, according to WABI 5 News.

Brannigan has served twice in Afghanistan and is currently a soldier for the British Army. He’s calling the fight to save his daughter’s life his third tour of duty.

Chris Brannigan’s Daughters Condition

He’s hoping that his heroic trek will continue to draw attention to his daughter’s condition. So far he’s been working with the Jackson Lab for two years. The goal is to eventually create a gene therapy treatment center for those with CdLS. In order to get this up and running, the family needs to raise a total of $3.5 million. The treatment center would offer help to those suffering from life-threatening genetic diseases that currently have no treatment or cure.

Brannigan will be carrying 55 pounds of military gear with him. He wants to carry everything he’ll need to camp out and survive so that no extra money needs to be spent. “If people see a weird guy any in a tent on the side of the road, it’s probably me. You know, just let me sleep or give me a drink of water, that’d be great,” Brannigan said.

His entire journey should take about two months if everything goes according to plan.

Sadly, the father and the rest of his family knew right away that something was wrong medically with his daughter. He shared in a video exclusive with People that his daughter had a seizure within 24 hours of being born. She also wouldn’t eat willingly for the first year of her life. It then took them six years to even get a diagnosis for her.