Father and Son Write Book Based Off Waffle House Visit

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Children’s books are often based on personal experiences or are made to ingrain some type of lesson for kids to carry on into adulthood. A recent one is especially wholesome, being authored by a father and his son about going to a Waffle House.

While you might think the waffles may have been good enough to inspire the story, that’s not entirely true. Gaines Sturdivant II and his son, Gaines Sturdivant III (or G3, as he likes to be called), wrote a children’s book titled A Waffle Can Change the World. Inspired by the kindness shown to them at a Waffle House, the name says it all. Speaking to Fox News on Fox & Friends, the duo details what prompted them to write.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Sturdivant II begins when asked to explain why they wrote the tale. “So, we’re coming into the restaurant frequently and getting to know Terry and Dawn. And they just showed us unimaginable kindness. Through that experience, um, watching how they interacted with my son, and seeing their care and concern and curiosity about what was going on in his life, we felt like it was so special we needed to encapsulate it. And to put it into the form of a book so that we could honor them and basically show the world how kindness can really impact someone’s life.”

G3 took part in the interview too and sporting a Waffle House shirt, no less. G3 also clarified Terry and Dawn work at the Waffle House in question. Saying they were nice to him, he wanted them to feel special too.

Walt Emher, Waffle House’s CEO, also attended the interview. He commented being touched and said those same moments are happening at Waffle Houses everywhere.

Tim Tebow Honors Late Dog ‘Bronco’ With His Own Children’s Book

While the Sturdivant family used a children’s book to honor kindness, Tim Tebow did something similar earlier this year. Honoring his late dog, Bronco, he released his first book Bronco & Friends.

Sadly, Bronco passed away in 2019, but Tebow sought to immortalize him with his book. Starring a group of animals working together, it’s about finding purpose and meaning in the world. Speaking on Good Morning America, the tight end turned author talks about Bronco and remembering him.

“Bronco was such an amazing dog and I wanted to honor him,” Tebow stated. “I remember when I was a young boy and my mom and dad would read to me and I remember how impactful those stories were and I wanted to write a children’s book for all the young boys and girls out there to encourage them and their worth and that they’re unique, they are special, they are wonderful.”