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11-Year-Old Told To Remove Hooters Mask At School, Dad Fires Back at Principal

by Outsider
A Hooters restaurant sign featuring the chain's owl.
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A fifth-grade student wore his Hooters-branded face mask to school for months. Now, he can no longer wear it.

The student, 11-year-old Ian Golba, had been wearing the face mask to class at Sunset Park Elementary in August. He had been wearing it since mid-September at least.

The principal of Sunset Park Elementary told Golba he must no longer wear the mask because it was “inappropriate,” and that it expresses a woman’s body,” according to Golba.

The fifth-grader’s father Steve doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the principal, and called him up for a discussion.

“He told me it was deemed offensive,” said the elder Golba. “I told him we go there as a family. We eat their wings, we watch sports. I said we have chocolate cake! We go there all the time, it is not an offensive mask.”

The fifth grader removed the mask during gym. He was approached by a counselor who asked him to do so. He was told he could wear it inside out instead. Now, Golba’s father is incensed by the fact that the mask was deemed inappropriate.

“He was afraid he was going to get reprimanded, in trouble and perhaps suspended from school,” the father explained. “I’ve never viewed it as anything but a restaurant. Do we feel women’s bodies are offensive? I don’t know. I don’t. The Principal told me that it was inappropriate. I said I don’t understand why it’s inappropriate. There’s nothing wrong with that mask.”

Many do not view Hooters as a family restaurant. However, with mandatory masking in place (especially at school) any type of protection is important. Golba has still not received a response from the school’s principal regarding the mask. Furthermore, Golba is still planning on taking his son to the restaurant.

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