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Firefighter Drives Pink Firetruck with Matching Uniform in Honor of Three Sisters Who Died from Breast Cancer

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

One firefighter from Rockville, Maryland always shows up to work in style.

Each morning, Marshall Moneymaker gets out of bed and starts getting ready for the day. Although he’s retired, he still goes to put on his firefighter outfit and climbs into his firetruck.

Notably, his outfit, as well as his massive firetruck, is a glamorous hot pink color. Besides the aesthetic of it all, Moneymaker has a specific reason he rocks the all-pink look and continues with his daily routine.

“When I put on this pink uniform, I feel honored, I feel inspired,” Moneymaker said during an interview with the “Today” show.

Now that he is retired from fighting fires, Moneymaker is fighting an all-new battle — the fight against breast cancer. He drives from coast to coast trying to spread community awareness for the deadly disease. According to Cancer.org, there are about 43,600 people who die from breast cancer each year. There are an estimated 281,550 cases of invasive breast cancer as well.

Local Firefighter Fighting Breast Cancer

Marshall Moneymaker wants people to understand the urgency and deadliness of breast cancer. It’s unfortunately something he’s had to face in a very personal way. His three sisters all died from breast cancer. Now, Moneymaker has his own nonprofit organization called For 3 Sisters.

“We’ve helped people get products, services, financial aid. We learned that if we can relieve that burden, they’re going to heal quicker, they’re going to heal better, and they’re going to heal faster,” he also said.

So, why drive the massive pink truck around?

For Moneymaker, it makes an absolutely life-changing difference. His goal is to encourage women to do self-examinations and to make sure they understand all of the warning signs. Early detection can actually be the difference between life and death. In addition to that, he wants everyone to understand that they are not facing anything alone.

As for support, he’s certainly got a lot of people on his side. His fellow firefighters are the ones that chipped in to get him that custom-made pink fire outfit.

The support goes even further. His fellow firefighters showed up on live TV all sporting those pink outfits and carrying signs regarding breast cancer awareness. The goal was to “paint the town pink.”

The For 3 Sisters organization offers a variety of different resources and educational tools. The nonprofit has a program for financial, emotional, and resource case management for both women and men impacted by breast cancer. The Power of One program helps to educate the community about early detection tools. There’s also a program called McKenzie’s corner. This is an effort to engage kids in the battle to keep parents healthy.

The nonprofit is officially welcoming that gorgeous all-pink firetruck into the world on October 2. The truck is named Vicky, after one of his sisters.