Firefighter Killed in Recent Outbreak of Wildfires in Southwest Oklahoma

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Over the weekend, an unidentified firefighter was reportedly killed in a recent outbreak of wildfires in Comanche County, which is located in Southwest Oklahoma.

At a Glance

  • A firefighter is dead after several wildfires broke out over the weekend in Southwestern Oklahoma. 
  • The firefighter was battling a wildfire in Comanche County, Oklahoma prior to their death. 
  • There are reportedly two major wildfires still burning in Oklahoma’s Comanche County. However, the wildfire that cost the life of the firefighter is now under control. 

According to ABC News, the tragic incident happened on Sunday (March 20th). Amy Hawkins, the Comanche County/Lawton Emergency Management spokeswoman, revealed that two major wildfires broke out in the county. “It’s pretty much all hands on deck all day,” Hawkins declares. However, she does reveals that the wildfire that killed the Oklahoma firefighter is under control. Oklahoma State Fire Marshal is going to be investigating the wildfire. 

Much Like Oklahoma, Texas Continues to Struggle With Containing Wildfires Throughout the State 

Meanwhile, much like Oklahoma, Texas is continuing to struggle with containing wildfires that are tearing through the state. As the blazes continue to scorch parts of the Lone Star State, forecasters warn that a new storm system is moving through. Although it may bring some rain, there could also be strong winds. 

The Guardian also reports that the largest of the fires, the Eastland Complex, has scorched nearly 85 square miles in the area just 120 miles west of Dallas. Officials say the wildfire was 30% contained on Sunday. 

National Weather Service meteorologist, Monique Sellers, says that about an inch of rain will arrive in Eastland County on Monday. “The rain will relive how dry it is those grass areas prone to fires. Unfortunately, Monday is the only day we’re seeing any rain for the foreseeable future. And the windy days will continue.”

Meanwhile, another fire is now promoting more exaltations of several small towns in Hood County. The new blaze, the Big L fire, has burned about nine square miles. It is 5% under control. 

Texas Governor Issues Disaster Declaration for 11 Counties

On Friday, Texas Governor Larry Abbott issued a disaster declaration for 11 counties. This was in response to wildfire activity through several communities. “The State of Texas is working alongside local officials to respond to these critical fire conditions throughout several Texas counties. I commend the hard work and selfless acts of thousands of first responders and firefighters. Who are risking their lives to protect our communities.”

The Texas Governor also asked Texans to join him in praying for those who have been impacted by the wildfires. This includes Eastland County Deputy, Barbara Fenley, who was died in the Eastland Complex fire last week. “We will never forget her sacrifice, and the state will continue to work closely with first responders and local leaders to mitigate these fires and support our communities as they recover.”