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Firefighter Saves American Flag With Important Meaning From Burning New Hampshire Home

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

A New Hampshire firefighter brought some comfort to a family who lost their home to a fire last month. As the family works to piece their lives back together, the local fire department returned to them an American flag, one with incredibly significant meaning, that had been involved in the blaze.

CBS News reports Lt. Scott Savard, a fireman with the state’s Windham Fire Department, had been involved in a structure fire at a family home on November 14th. That’s when he came across a folded-up American flag in the burning home. In an effort to preserve a piece of the MacGillivary family’s lives, the fireman saved the flag. He then carried it out of the house fire.

Although he didn’t know it at the time, the flag would turn out to be a symbolic family token.

Per the news outlet, the flag was given to the MacGillivary family following the death of a late service member. Hudson N.H. Fire Department wrote online that the flag was presented to Tessa MacGillivary after her father, a Vietnam veteran, died.

Per the post, another fireman on the scene, Fire Prevention Officer Steve Dube, cleaned up the flag. He also purchased a new case in which to put it.

In their post about the American flag, the fire department wrote, “While the family has lost a lot, we hope this brings them some comfort. We thank Lt. Savard for his quick and thoughtful actions and FPO Dube for his genuine kindness and generosity…the flag is now safely back at home with them.”

Social Media Praises Firefighters for Rescue of Meaningful American Flag

After the rescue of the American flag, the fire department, and local firefighters, began receiving praise from the community. Following Hudson N.H. Fire Department’s post, both Tessa and Keith MacGallivery praised the first responders for their work each day and for their thoughtful act during the November structure fire.

In the comments, Tessa MacGallivery, daughter of the late servicemember, wrote, “Losing my dad was one of the hardest days of my life…Losing my home to fire ranks right up there as a worst day as well.”

Nevertheless, she continued, “The Hudson N.H. Fire Department and all the surrounding communities that came and tried to help were all amazing that day. Your compassion and kindness was nothing short of incredible.”

Other Hudson, NH community members also praised the work of the local fire department after rescuing the American flag from the MacGallivery’s scorched home.

“Thank you for all you do,” one community member wrote following the post. “That was so kind.”

Another added, “Thankful for the fire department people thoughtful enough to do this for a family!”

Other community members offered their prayers and well-wishes for first responders as we celebrate the holidays.