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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Reveals White House Christmas Decorations

by Jacklyn Krol
Alex Wong, Getty Images

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden has helped decorate The White House in its Christmas decorations.

This year, the most famous house features 41 Christmas trees and 25 wreaths. Overall, it features 78,750 lights, 10,000 ornaments, over 300 candles, and 6,000 feet of ribbon. The unveiling took place on Monday, November 29 during a “Gifts From the Heart” ceremony that honored the National Guard members and their families.

“The things we hold sacred unite us and transcend distance, time, and even the constraints of a pandemic: faith, family, and friendship; a love of the arts, learning, and nature; gratitude, service, and community; unity and peace,” the first couple wore in their official Christmas visitors’ guide. “These are the gifts that tie together the heartstrings of our lives. These are the Gifts from the Heart.”

One of the stand out pieces is a Gold Star Tree which is featured on the East Landing. It symbolizes military members who have passed and honor the fallen’s families.

“The East Room celebrates the Gift of Gratitude,” the book reads. “Symbolized by small acts of kindness and handwritten notes full of grateful reflection.”

Each of the rooms has a gift theme. The First Lady’s office in the East wing will be themed to the gift of service. Doves and shooting stars surround the hallways to represent the frontline workers and first responders who have brought light to everyone amid the pandemic. It also features a prized relic.

“Gilbert Stuart’s portrait of George Washington, which First Lady Dolley Madison helped save in 1814 when the White House was about to be set aflame during the War of 1812,” the book shared.

The White House Christmas Traditions

The White House gingerbread house is in the State Dining Room. It is paying homage to the frontline workers. At the request of Dr. Jill Biden, a gingerbread school teacher next to the schoolhouse.

“The display includes eight detailed replicas of community buildings representing frontline workers,” the book reads. “To complete the finishing touches, the White House pastry team used 55 sheets of baked gingerbread, 120 pounds of pastillage, 35 pounds of chocolate, and 25 pounds of royal icing.”

The State Dining Room also features the family’s stockings complete with their grandchildren’s names.

The library features stacks of books alongside butterflies and birds created out of recycled newspaper.

The Blue Room features the Official White House Christmas Tree which is themed to “the gift of peace and unity.” The tree features ribbons with the names of each state’s territory. The tree is eighteen and a half Fraser Fir from Jefferson, North Carolina. Even the chandelier had to be removed for space. People can make their own paper peace doves with the craft page at the back of the booklet.