Five Deputies and Doctor Survive After Helicopter Crashes in Los Angeles

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Ronen Tivony/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Five Deputies and a doctor have survived a helicopter crash in Los Angeles. The five deputies were on the helicopter responding to a call last night, and the UCLA doctor was there to ride along. Thankfully, everyone survived. Doctors with the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center treated them following the crash.

What You Should Know

  • All six people on board were treated for their injuries last night and stabilized.
  • The majority of people on board were spotted walking to the medical center.
  • The injuries include broken ribs and bone fractures. The Sherriff’s department expects everyone to survive.
  • The group was flying to pick up a patient who needed an airlift after a car crash.
  • The Sherriff says the fact that they’re all alive and okay is “nothing short of a miracle.
  • Right now, the cause of the crash remains unknown.

The Deputies and Doctor In the Helicopter Crash Were En Route to a Call Last Night

According to NBC News, the deputies and the doctor in the crash were responding to a call in the area. The chopper crashed right off a road in the Angeles National forest, state route 39 above Azusa.

People in a separate helicopter saw many of the passengers walking following the crash. It does not appear the crash resulted in life-threatening injuries.

According to the sheriff, injuries include broken ribs and bone fractures. Additionally, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Director Dr. James Kim announced all six passengers have been stabilized.

“They are in stable condition, some more banged up than others, but thankful to be alive,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a statement to the press. He also said that the outcome was “nothing short of a miracle.”

You can see Villanueva’s statement in a tweet sent out by the LAPD, where they also note that all passengers are “expected to survive.”

The group was flying in an Air Rescue 5, or an AS332 Super Puma. It’s one of the three choppers the department uses for rescues. The group was en route to a vehicle crash with an injured patient. However, something unknown occurred on board, which caused the pilot to set the helicopter down in a hard landing and roll-over.

Right now, everyone on board is recovering. The exact cause of the crash remains unknown but should become more apparent over the coming days.