Five Guys: Here’s How to Make Burger Restaurant’s Famous Fries

by Jonathan Howard

Just warning you now, you might want to eat before continuing this article. Or don’t, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Recently a behind-the-scenes video came out showing how Five Guys makes all their delicious food. From their insanely good and cheesy burgers to the thick milkshakes, and of course, those golden, crispy, salty, and greasy treats, french fries.

For those that have never been to a Five Guys, let’s paint a scene. Walkthrough the doors, and immediately the smell of grease and peanuts hits your face. There are barrels of peanuts to snack on while you wait and all around are bags of fresh potatoes as the grill sizzles in the kitchen.

If you are lucky enough, you might get a little peek at the show in the kitchen. Five Guys is set up like an old-style burger joint with just a counter separating the kitchen from the restaurant. Those potatoes aren’t for show either, they are cutting them up fresh and doing it up back there. Just watch.


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The TikTok user and Shreveport, LA Five Guys worker let viewers in on the beginning of the process. Starting with real potatoes, they will often grab them from where they lay in the restaurant, slice them up and immediately rinse. Getting starch off helps the fries get crispy. Then it looks like they wash the fries once more in a bucket before deep frying.

It isn’t just any regular old deep fry either. Five Guys uses real peanut oil and double fries their potatoes in order to get the crispiest and most golden fry possible. Of course, the fries are tossed in plenty of salt, and customers are given a hefty portion.

Five Guys Has Options

One thing about Five Guys, they are full of options. Customers are able to get any of the toppings on the menu on their burger, get all if you want. There are over a quarter of a million different combinations for customers to choose from.

Their burgers come standard with two patties and if you get cheese, the aluminum foil wrapper helps make it melt perfectly. Look down into your bag and there will be a lot of extra fries. The standard at Five Guys is to fill the cup and then add an extra scoop to the bag. Talk about value.

The combinations don’t stop at the burgers. Five Guys shakes can also be stuffed full of tons of toppings and other add-ins. To make sure everything is spread evenly throughout, the toppings are mixed midway through and then more shake mix is added to fill. There isn’t much that Five Guys hasn’t thought of when it comes to serving great fast food.