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Florida Border Patrols Seizes $1 Million Worth of Cocaine After It Washes Up on Beach

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credits: JUAN MANUEL BARRERO / Contributor/ Getty Image)

Florida Border Patrol seized an estimated $1 million worth of cocaine after it washed onto a beach in Hollywood, Florida. 

Last Monday, thirty tightly wrapped packages floated to shore. A beachgoer found the packages and quickly contacted the Hollywood Police Department, who turned it over to Border Patrol agents. The contents discovered were cocaine. 

 In a statement made by the US Border Patrol Miami Sector, it stated, “The 30 packages of cocaine weighed approximately 78 pounds with an estimated street value of over one million dollars.”

Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin of the Border Patrol tweeted a picture of the narcotics. The tweet has received fifty-eight likes and thirty retweets. 

In July and August of this year, the Miami Sector of Border Patrol agents has already seized over 210 pounds of cocaine washing up on the Florida shores. Agent Modlin says that the rise in drugs washing on the beaches suggests the presence of smugglers working along the coastline. 

“These recent seizures represent hundreds of pounds of narcotics that will not make it into our streets or into our communities,” Modlin said in a statement to CNN. “We are grateful for the community’s support to our border security mission here in Florida.”

Florida’s Cocaine Statistics

In a statistic made by the American Addiction Center, Florida didn’t have any cities ranking in the top ten cities for cocaine use. However, Arizona has three cities in the top ten, while Oklahoma has two. On the contrary, the American Addiction Center has Miami ranked very low. Miami is ranked as having the lowest drug use of any city in the US. The statistic shows Miami with 14.6 percent of citizens having used cocaine.