Florida Company Donating Over $200,000 of Rifles To Ukrainians

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo credit should read Hennadii Minchenko/ Ukrinform/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Nearly one month after Russia’s military forces invaded Ukraine, a Florida weapons company has donated more than $200,000 worth of rifles to Ukrainian citizens. According to Fox News, Florida family-owned weapons company KelTec became concerned when one of its long-time customers in Ukraine suddenly went silent following Russia’s invasion last month. The company decided to send guns to Ukraine to help the country’s civilians against the major threat. 

At a Glance

  • Florida-based KelTec shipped $200,000 worth of rifles as a form of a donation to Ukrainian citizens.
  • The company became concerned when a major Ukrainian customer went silent following the Russian invasion.
  • The rifles part of the donation were configured to be “Ukraine rifles” and are compliant with the country’s laws.

Speaking with the media outlet about the rifle donation, Keltec director of industrial production, Adrian Kellgren, stated that when the Ukraine client went dark, the company didn’t know how to send the weapons to the client. “So we decided to basically donate them to the Ukrainian people. They are a special configuration of rifles that is compliant with their laws. So it was a Ukrainian rifle.” 

Kellgren also said that the connection was actually trying to get the rifle donation into Ukraine. He described that as being the big challenge. This is due to the large amount of “red tape” involved when it comes to shipping weapons of any kind. “We’re used to that,” Kellgren reassured. “That is part of our business where we ship all over the world. We knew the connections. But what is normally a four-month process, we had to accomplish rapidly. So it really started with a call to a friend of Ukrainian descent. And a tremendous ‘daisy chain’ about 50 people until I got connected.” 

The Company’s Connection Stepped Up And Helped Get the Rifle Donation to Ukraine

Kellgren went on to declare that the company’s connection was able to step up and help get the rifle donation to Ukraine quickly. “This guy, he stepped up. His family is directly in Ukraine. They’re under fire. And he calls to see if they are still alive. It’s a horrifying experience. But he was able to connect us to the Director of Nuclear Missiles and Firearms Technology. And he was able to get us over the four-month period down to a couple of days.”

He called the speed of the process “eye-watering” and the company was issued a license rapidly. In regards to KelTec’s plans to do more than the rifle donation, Kellgren added, “The goal was to go with these 400 rifles and get them over to Ukraine. And the process of developing a pathway to give others more information on how to get an export license rapidly. The distributors. The done-dealers. Especially when you’re looking into a different type of class of products, like body armor.”