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Florida Considering Bill to Approve ‘To-Go’ Alcohol Drink Sales

by Evan Reier
Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)

Hard times in 2020 called for many business, including those in Florida, to make drastic changes in order to make ends meet.

With food-based businesses having to either shut down or offer to-go options, it created a new “normal” of to-go options. While this obviously included food, it also translated to drinks in certain parts of the country.

Now, after a year or so of watching delivery and pickup be more prevalent than ever, Florida is set to keep it going.

Last spring, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put in an executive order to allow businesses to sell alcohol. Beer, wine and mixed drinks all became available in to-go fashion.

On Wednesday, April 28, a bill was sent to the desk of DeSantis’ from the Florida State Senate to extend the rule.

The sponsor of the bill in the state senate, Jennifer Bradley, spoke to the Sun-Sentinel about the bill. She treats the bill as the logical next step.

“This amendment [the compromise] will codify the existing executive order,” Bradley said. “And allow food establishments in Florida to sell mixed-drink beverages with takeout and delivery food orders.”

DeSantis has been vocal about his support for alcohol on the go. The Florida governor is expected to pass the bill.

The Key to New Florida Bill

While the move is huge for restaurants, it’s not for everyone. Bars are still unable to sell to-go drinks, and more importantly, there are certain marks places have to reach.

To be able to sell alcohol to-go, the business has to have a majority of sales going to non-alcoholic items. So if a place is selling alcohol more than anything else, they won’t be able to offer alcohol on the go.

Florida won’t be the first to pass this type of bill. Georgia and Texas both recently passed a similar bill. Georgia made the decision in March, while Texas passed the bill just recently on April 28.