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Watch: Florida ‘Custodian’ Propels Down Highway by Leaf Blower, Umbrella and Mop Bucket

by Evan Reier
(Photo by Monika Graff/Getty Images)

A Florida man is making people do double-takes in Clearwater, FL. It’s one thing to see someone sitting in a mop bucket, but flying down the sidewalk at the same time? That’s worthy of a watch.

The man? Brian Edward Kahrs, a 57-year-old “janitor” who has found a new way to get around.

In a hilarious video posted by the man on Facebook, it shows exactly how quickly he can zip around on what he calls a “blue-collar limousine.”

After a brief opening turn in a gas station, Kahrs is seen putting together his new wheels. It’s a fairly simple process:

  1. Get done with your custodial shift.
  2. Dump the mop bucket and grab a seat.
  3. Open up your umbrella.
  4. Turn on the leaf blower, aiming it at the umbrella in your other hand.
  5. Take off!

In the accompanying caption to the hilarious video, Kahrs includes an equally funny explanation.

“Nothing like taking a cruise along Clearwater Beach after a long night of mopping floors and scrubbing toilets.”

Kahrs Making Hilarious Videos in Florida

This isn’t the 57-year-old’s first rodeo or his first brush with comedy. In fact, Kahrs has a knack for making viral comedy content.

For example, back in 2017, Kahrs made waves by comedically shopping around a Walmart. In costumes ranging from Santa Claus to a chicken, the hilarious man got up to all types of antics in the grocery store.

In the video, Kahrs doesn’t just dress up, he does an absolutely hysterical array of antics. Ranging from bowling with soda liter bottles to “attempting” to ride while in an upright kayak, the 57-year-old is no stranger to slapstick comedy.

However, the highlight of the video has to be towards the end. Gripping the back of the drivable cart, Kahrs is seen sliding along a clothing section in the store. If it wasn’t clear already, we need more of Kahrs’ comedic sensibilities, both from him and the rest of the world.