Florida Family’s U-Haul Goes Missing During Georgia Hotel Stay

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo via Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

This morning (12/14) a family traveling through Macon, Georgia had their U-Haul stolen. After stopping at the Marriott for some much-needed rest, they became one of the many that have had their belongings stolen from the area.

The Zini’s are moving from Florida to Alabama. We all know moving is stressful enough, not to mention moving around the holidays. Everything the Zini’s owned was on the U-Haul that was stolen from the parking lot of the Marriott. This includes their appliances, clothes, family photos and heirlooms, furniture, and Christmas presents for their kids. Many of the items stolen are irreplaceable. Katherine Zini said she filed a police report with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, but doubts that they will see their things again.

She told 13WMAZ, “I don’t understand how people can be cruel.”

13WMAZ reports that the Zini’s aren’t the only family to have their plans uprooted in Macon. Last year, a man moving from Minnesota to Florida had his car and U-Haul stolen from a Best Western parking lot. Earlier this year, a family moving from Dallas, Texas to Savannah, Georgia had their belongings stolen at a Holiday Inn.

Both instances left people with nothing as they planned to start anew. One of the theft victims had a message to share with the person who made off with their U-Haul. Alan Boyes’ moving truck had mostly sentimental items that he and his wife had been collecting over their 16 years of marriage. “Y’all can have the car, do what you want with it. I just want my photo albums back, I want my daughters’ clothes back, I want a few items of my personal furniture, I just want my stuff back.”

At this time, it’s unknown if any of the families got their belongings back.

A Surprise Moving Guest – But He’s Too Small to Steal Anything

Last month, a family driving from Last Vegas, Nevada to Westbrook, Maine had a surprise passenger in their moving van. A father and son duo were unloading their moving van at a storage facility when they found a Greater Roadrunner. We can’t be sure what this Roadrunner’s plans were, but regardless, he ended up on the other side of the U.S.

The bird sustained no injuries from the 4-day trip. The bird rehabilitation center that rescued him said he was in “remarkably good shape.” Maybe U-Haul is better suited as a bird hotel.

The Greater Roadrunner is native to the Southwest U.S. This posed a challenge for Avian Haven. Typically, wildlife rehab staff are trained to take care of the species local to the area. This allows for the highest level of care for the animals they most often see. Luckily, the Rehabilitation Manager has previous experience with Roadrunners from her time spent in Oklahoma.

Hopefully, this rogue Roadrunner will find itself back in the Southwest before too long. For now, the bird is staying well-fed and bundled up in Maine.