Florida High Schooler Arrested After Refusing to Wear Face Mask

by Halle Ames

Officers arrested a high school student in Florida last month for refusing to wear a facemask at school, said a report on Tuesday.

The 16-year-old boy’s attorney, the law firm of Jose Rivas, called the situation “government abuse”. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the teen boy suffers from panic attacks.

“We will be seeking just and fair compensation for the illegal arrest and the harm that this action caused him,” said the law firm in a statement.

The teen’s mother said that since her son has panic attacks on occasion, he went to the school’s office to say he was feeling shaken from wearing the mask. He said that he was having trouble breathing, and the school arrested him.

“Should they be arresting a 16-year-old child knowing he already has a medical condition?” Rivas said.

The boy, whose name has been redacted, is a sophomore at Winter Springs High School. The school is located about 30 minutes northeast of Orlando, Florida.

The report made on September 17 by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said the boy was refusing to wear a mask, which is a school rule. This violated his probation order that made it mandatory for him to maintain good behavior while at the school.

However, according to the sheriff’s report, the teen has been breaking the rules since September 1. He refused to wear a facemask as well as maintain proper social distancing. For this reason, he received a warning from the school. The school staff also caught the boy vaping in the cafeteria.

So when the incident happened again on September 17, the boy refused to put on the mask again. A deputy proceeded to arrest the teen and take him to a juvenile detention center.

The sheriff’s office reported that the arrest was due to breaking probation orders, and not for violations of the school district’s mask mandate.

His mother reported that he will not be returning to Winter Springs High School. She said her son will complete his studies on an online education program.

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