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Florida Tornadoes Leave Path of Destruction, Hundreds Homeless in Their Wake

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Four tornadoes tore through Fort Myers, Florida, leaving a frightening path of destruction.

According to the National Weather Service, most of the massive twisters boasted speeds up to 118 mph. The violent winds not only sent pounds of debris taking off through the sky, but took hundreds of mobile homes with them. As of today, at least four people suffered injuries in the storm.

On Sunday, the four twisters knocked down powerlines, ripped trees from their roots, and took off roofs. The powerful winter storms that store through the city came to be due to a powerful winter storm.

According to weather officials, the twisters left hundreds of residents homeless after destroying 65 homes and over 100 mobile homes in three different communities. The storm also caused a semi-truck to flip on its side. Thankfully, the driver survived and only walked away with minor injuries.

The tornado destroyed the Tropicana RV Resort. This is also where trailers ended up shredded, and 28 homes destroyed. According to Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass, the conditions of another 62 homes were rendered unlivable. However, officials offered hundreds of residents temporary housing.

The twister that ripped moved through the Iona area near Fort Myers Sunday became the first EF-2 or stronger tornado to affect Lee County since January 2016. Congratulations.

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The twister also hit the nearby Cottage Point Trailer Park. This is the location where an 81-year-old man named Edward Murray remembered losing his home to the weather. 

Murray informed Naples Daily News he was inside his mobile home Sunday morning with his daughter when a tornado grabbed it and threw it on top of his neighbor’s home.

“That’s my house that’s turned upside down. The tornado took me off my feet, blew me toward the east wall, and buried me under the sink, refrigerator, kitchen chairs, and everything else. I was so happy when I saw the sky. It’s not going to be today.”

The tornado also left thousands of Florida residents without power. Sounds like many students, teachers, and people who work from home are having a rough time.

On Monday morning, authorities updated the total amount of power outages to over 180,000. According to CNN, the tornadoes developed through the same winter storm system currently harming most of the East Coast. While over 50 million people were under winter weather advisories, Florida experienced extreme storm warnings.

On Sunday, officials held a news conference. The National Weather Service reported that 62 homes were severely damaged as a result of the twister.

“The twister was an EF2 tornado with winds up to 118 mph. It completely destroyed 30 of the 180 mobile homes near Fort Myers. A waterspout moved across Gasparilla sound near Boca Grande Causeway before moving ashore. A short-lived tornado near Placida left at least 35 homes and a marina storage facility destroyed.”