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‘Fly Costume’ Sells Out After Viral Moment at VP Debate

by Evan Reier
(Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images)

Every year, there’s always a viral moment or thing that drives what people want to be for Halloween. In 2020, it’s a fly.

A pesky fly took the spotlight at last week’s vice presidential debate between current Vice President Mike Pence and candidate Kamala Harris. Sitting on Pence’s head for close to two minutes, the moment has since become one of the internet’s biggest points of comedy.

Unsurprisingly, the timing of the fly’s appearance is causing a run on fly costumes. TMZ reports that one Halloween costume seller is already out of stock. While it may not be what many think of as a classic costume, in 2020, it makes perfect sense.

HalloweenCostumes.com sold out extremely quickly after the moment, per the report. Carrying 50 full-body fly costumes wasn’t nearly enough, with people clearing out the inventory right after the debate. The website also said that their supplier is also already out of the costume.

Additionally, the seller also offers a head-piece that resembles a fly’s head. However, like the full-body costume, it quickly sold out. Despite offering 150 of the headpiece, the inventory quickly reached empty. The website says they expect more in stock by this upcoming Friday.

There is one fly costume still apparently available, though, albeit its for an age group that likely didn’t watch the debate: kids.

Which makes sense. What kid wants to be a fly for Halloween? Movie season may have been put on hold this past summer, but there’s still a wide array of options that your average tike would