Ford Announces Iconic Mustangs Are World’s Best-Selling Sports Car for ‘Seventh Year in a Row’

by Chris Haney

Recently, Ford Motor Co. announced that its legendary Mustang model was the best-selling sports car in the world in 2021. That makes it seven years in a row that the Ford Mustang has topped all sports car sales across the globe.

The auto manufacturer based their analysis of sales rankings on registration data from S&P Global Mobility. The company delivered 69,096 across the world last year, which is a decrease in sales from 2020. The previous year, Ford delivered 80,577 as it topped all sports car sales as well.

What You Need To Know

  • Ford Motor Co. announced that the Mustang is 2021’s best-selling sports car
  • That makes it seven years in a row as the highest-selling sports car across the globe
  • Sales declined from 2020 to 2021, but the Mustang still topped all other sports cars
  • In the first three months of 2022, competition for sports car sales have heated up

Other Major Markets Saw Hikes in 2021 Ford Mustang Sales

Ford also shared that the United States made up 76% of total Mustang sales in 2021. American drivers bought more than 52,400 Mustangs last year alone. Yet other major markets helped contribute to the car’s stellar sales record as the most-bought sports car around. In fact, Ford offers the model in over 100 countries worldwide. New Zealand saw a 54.3% hike in Mustang sales last year. Additionally, Brazil’s demand for Mustangs shot up 37.3%, and South Korea increased 16.6%.

Ford Blue president Kumar Galhotra commented on the Mustang’s seventh straight year as the world’s sales leader in sports cars. He attributed the car’s success to the vehicle’s design, powertrains, and the Ford Mustang’s diehard community of drivers.

“When enthusiasts around the world get into a Mustang, they unlock that feeling of freedom and experience the open road,” Galhotra said. “That feeling, along with iconic design, awesome powertrains, and a passionate global community all contribute to making Mustang a sales leader for the seventh year in a row.”

Ford Mustang May Have Some Competition From Other Sports Cars in 2022

The Ford Mustang has been dominant when it comes to global sales over the last seven years. But the popular vehicle may have some competition from other sports cars in 2022.

In the first three months of this year, Mustang sales have decreased in the United States by 19%. Yet the model still outsold its competitors in the first quarter with 13,986 delivered domestically. The Dodge Challenger came in a close second with 11,124 in sales. Plus, the Chevrolet Camaro trailed behind in third with 6,710 deliveries as of the end of March.

The pandemic is partly to blame for the Ford Mustang’s declining sales. Like numerous other industries, automobile manufacturers have been hindered by ongoing parts supply issues. The current model launched in 2015 as the 2022 models continue to be sold. However, the company is also working on a next-gen combustion-powered Mustang that’s expected to release in 2024.

Earlier this week, photos leaked of prototypes that were spotted being tested on public roads. The images showed the new Mustang completely wrapped in an attempt to conceal the car. Other photos leaked of the new model’s front end, but the vehicle is still in the earlier stages of development and could be altered by the time of production.

So far, Ford has confirmed the ride will include a V8 engine, but it’s been rumored that it will only be offered with an automatic gearbox. Further details will release as the next-gen model pre-orders become available to the public.