Ford Continues Production Scale Back Amid Chip Shortage

by Victoria Santiago

Due to the prolonged chip shortage, U.S. automaker Ford will be idling production at some of its assembly plants.

Last week, Ford suspended or cut production at eight assembly plants in North America due to the shortage. In addition to that, on February 14 the automaker announced it would be idling production at an additional two plants. The Ohio Assembly Plant will have production idled. The production line for the Transit van at its Kansas City Assembly Plant will also be stopped. According to spokeswoman Kelli Felker, other plants will operate on reduced shifts. The Kentucky Truck Plant, Chicago Truck Plant, and Dearborn, MI Truck Plant will all operate on shorter shifts.

According to Reuters, Ford has previously said that this current quarter would be the 2022 low point for vehicle production because of the chip shortage.

It’s the End of the Production Line For the Ford GT

In addition to all of these production halts, Ford had some other sad news to share. The U.S. automaker is officially stopping production on all Ford GTs. They stated that after December 2022, the GT will be no more. The 2022 model of the iconic car will be the last.

According to Ford spokesman Jiyan Cadiz, the majority of 2022 GTs have already been produced for this year. Recently, car number 1,100 out of 1,350 was completed on the assembly line. That means that there are only a couple hundred of the cars left to be made before they’re put out of production for good. Cadiz also mentioned that Mulitmatic, the Canadian specialty company in charge of building the cars, should be finishing up production by 2022.

Production is Ending with a New Version of the GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition

This sad news was announced right after Ford unveiled the red GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition. This is the seventh model of the Heritage Edition that celebrates Alan Mann Racing. In addition to that, it’s the second Heritage Edition for the 2022 model year.

Jiyan Cadiz noted that although production for the GT is ending, build slots are still open for some versions of the car. Namely, build slots are still open for both the Alan Mann Heritage Edition and the white and black GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition. The ’64 Prototype honors the five prototype cars that Ford originally created in 1964.

If you’re interested in owning one of the Alan Mann Heritage Edition models, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny. Reportedly, the car will be selling for $500,000. For racing fans (or just Ford fans) the price tag could be worth it. The car has the same red, gold, and white color scheme as the race cars. It can even reach top speeds of 216 mph.