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Ford Engineers Save Wedding From Power Outage with Hybrid F-150

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A heroic F-150 saved a Michigan wedding from its impending doom following a sudden power outage. A married couple at the outdoor party, both of who are Ford engineers, hooked up the newly wedded couple’s lights and music to their Ford F-150 hybrid, and voila! The party was back on, running off the Ford pickup until 2 a.m.

According to a FOX News article, Ford engineers Harish Thiruvengadam and Swetha Shailendra were attending an outdoor wedding in Farmington Hills, MI. Following the power outage, they came to the rescue. The outlet stated the wedding had already been delayed a couple of hours. The area had experienced heavy storms overhead that evening. The reception had been in full swing when around 10 p.m., the power blacked out.

“Everything was going fine, it was a great party, actually, and out of the blue there was a power outage,” said engineer Thiruvengadam.

Initially, guests assumed there was a trip on the circuit breaker. However, soon enough attendants realized the power wasn’t coming on any time soon. To the rescue comes the Ford F-150 Powerboost. According to the article, Ford’s hybrid truck can function as a small generator. The feature provides up to 32 hours of power with a full tank of gas. Fortunately for party guests, the reception only lasted until 2 a.m. Otherwise, we assume both the truck and the party guests would be found on the roadside dead.

Ford Hybrids and Others Are Becoming More Practical In an Electrically Dependent Society

Modern societies frequently turn to loud, bulky generators to supply power to homes in major and minor power outages. Nevertheless, the machines are becoming considerably less convenient.

Growing up in the northeast, where trees and ice constantly take out transformers and tear down powerlines, I frequently remember my father and my friends’ fathers having to “pull out” the generator. Which, when the situation arose, often felt like more trouble than it was worth. The thing weighed a ton and required extra gasoline we didn’t typically have on hand. Additionally, it resulted in a bright orange extension cord sticking out of the living room window.

Now, the advent of more environmentally friendly vehicles, like the Ford F-150 hybrid, has changed that. Families can have immediate access to both transport and electrical power if needed. According to Thiruvengadam, the party guests spent a good amount of time surrounding the vehicle. It didn’t create nearly as much noise as the other backup generators running in the neighborhood.

He further said, “The people are honestly very surprised and wondering if their car, their vehicles, could do it and then we explain [to] them about the hybrid and [the] benefits of it.”

While the feat seems incredible, the Ford F-150 hybrids have gone viral during this kind of situation before. FOX said that following the release of the hybrid last fall, the truck could be found being used as a generator during the Texas blackouts.