Ford F-150 Lightning Features a Front Trunk That Can Double as a Cooler

by Matthew Memrick

Get ready for the new Ford F-150 Lightning’s front trunk and its cooler feature. Technically, you can host a party with your electric truck without having to fill up your flatbed with stuff, according to Business Insider.

The 2022 electric version of the country’s top-selling truck has beaucoup options, including a private generator (for when the power goes out at your home), a giant cap touchscreen, and onboard power for tools and tailgates. 

But that cooler option is pretty neat.

That’s right. You don’t have to worry about losing your long-lasting cooler stocked with fish on the side of the interstate anymore. The new Ford truck has enough room in the front without the V6 or V8 engine to put a nifty little front trunk.  

There’s a below-floor compartment with a removable lid for storing extra tall stuff.

Curious about how this will kind of look? Here’s a front on a Ford Mustang for one of those fancy shrimp parties you won’t have in your F-150.

But you get the idea.

The fronk, or as Ford calls it, the mega power frunk, has 14.1 cubic feet of space. Add power outlets and USB plugs, and it’s an instant party. 

And if you want to rinse out the cooler portion, there’s a drain for you to do that.

The storage space is also suitable for two sets of golf clubs or three suitcases.

But What If I Can’t Make It Home On One Battery Bar?

Many have had concerns about getting stranded or stuck somewhere without battery life. Let’s call it FORL, or fear or running low.

Ford’s developed an Intelligent Range feature is the automaker’s attempt to put drivers at ease. 

The feature considers things like weather conditions and how much power a driver is using while driving. There are also built-in scales to see how much stuff is in bed and how far you can tow something.

F-150 Lightning Is Pricey

According to CNBC, the new electric truck goes for $40,000 to $90,000. Currently, the 2021 non-electric Ford version has a suggested retail price of $29,290.

But the company says the truck will be profitable when it hit dealerships next year. The cheaper version is labeled a work truck, while the $90,000 version is considered a high-end model. 

The truck also has a hitch assist option. The Pro Trailer Hitch Assist feature — is an option on XLT and Lariat models and comes standard on the Platinum truck — enables the F-150 to control steering, braking automatically, and throttle to back itself up to a trailer. 

Electric F-150 Has Tons of Reservations

Maybe you don’t, that’s fine. But there are a few folks that do.

According to CNBC, Ford took 44,500 reservations for the truck in less than 48 hours after its official debut. All someone had to do was plop down $100, which is refundable, for the truck. In two days, there were 66,500 reservations for the truck