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Ford and General Motors Donate Fleet of Trucks to Ukraine

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Hauke-Christian Dittrich/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Crosstown manufacturing rivals Ford and General Motors both donated a modest fleet of SUVs to Ukraine in support of the country’s resistance efforts. Last week, GM confirmed a shipment of 50 Chevrolet Tahoes arrived safely at the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure. Ukrainian officials will use the vehicles for humanitarian affairs to help move civilians out of war zones.

At a glance

  • Auto giants Ford and General Motors both donated fleets of 50 SUVs and trucks to Ukraine in a humanitarian effort
  • Ford donated 50 Ranger trucks, and GM donated 50 Chevy Tahoes
  • GM and Ford have suspended operations in Russia while the crisis unfolds, leading to some supply chain issues and manufacturing setbacks

Ford Motor Company responded in kind by sending 50 Ranger pickup trucks to Ukraine for similar purposes, the Detroit News reported. Ford CEO Jim Farley said the company used the same transport brokerage, Maersk, as GM to facilitate the international donation.

“Proud of the hard work of our Ford team & partners at Maersk for making this happen. I can confirm the last of the trucks arrived this week & are being put to work!” Farley tweeted on April 28.

In addition to the donation of physical trucks, both Ford and General Motors also created special funds to aid in the humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

GM donated $250,000 to support resistance efforts in the region. They also matched U.S. employee contributions of up to $50,000 to specific nonprofit organizations. The Canadian branch of GM also unrolled a matching program for employee donations, up to $20,000, to specific nonprofit organizations.

Ford confirmed that its Ford Fund is also making a $100,000 donation to the Global Giving Ukraine Relief Fund. The special nonprofit means to assist Ukrainian citizens and families facing displacement from their homes.

Ford and General Motors no longer operate in Russia in support of Ukraine

Both automakers previously suspended all operations in Russia until further notice. The Russian invasion of Ukraine began over two months ago, causing a litany of problems for international relations, including the supply chain.

For Ford specifically, a number of automotive suppliers with ties to the company operate in Ukraine; and as a result, Ford has had to delay or alter debuts of at least two of its vehicles. Both the 2022 Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta face insufficient part sourcing due to the war, but the manufacturer remains optimistic for sales moving forward.

During its first-quarter earnings report Wednesday, Ford tried to quell investor fears. It said the crisis in Ukraine has had “limited direct effect” on its supply chain; but warned that “the situation in eastern Europe could exacerbate broader supply issues over time.”

Not for nothing, GM has also had to severely alter its business relationship with Russia, “Due to the crisis in Ukraine and resulting U.S. and international sanctions” it faces. That includes firing all Russian employees in commercial ventures. GM first suspended vehicle imports and commercial activity in Russia on Feb. 28, just days after Russia invaded Ukraine.