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Ford Mustang Will Reportedly Be Hybrid By 2025

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Zhe Ji/Getty Images)

For years, the Ford Motor Company has been trying to put out an electric muscle car. Particularly an electric Ford Mustang. While that has not been fully realized, there have been steps made in the right direction with hybrid cars and other projects.

One of those projects was the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid. The truck hit the markets in 2020 and consumers have taken to the new vehicle. There is also the electric Mustang Mach-E. While this has the mustang name and badge, it is a utility vehicle versus the two-door sports car that is iconic around the world. For the time being, there is yet to be a hybrid or all-electric Ford Mustang in its true form. That is soon to change, though.

According to Ford officials, there will be a new Mustang released in 2023 with a hybrid model coming out two years later in 2025. The hybrid will make a significant change to the Ford lineup. However, the change looks to be behind other competitors.

General Motors has made a commitment to end the development of its hybrid vehicles in favor of an all-electric lineup. Those changes are coming in the next few years and throughout the decade. While Ford has invested in both technologies and has a number of hybrid vehicles to choose from. Those vehicles will give some inspiration for the new Mustang models.

With SUVs and sedans and more, Ford has plenty of hybrid vehicles and is betting on doubling down on those concepts at least in the short-term. However, they won’t let the all-electric market get away from them easily.

Ford Mustang: A Focus on the Future

While this sounds very exciting. There has not been an official word if these rumors are true or not. Ford Mustang fans should look forward to the new model in 2023 and the hybrid in 2025, but as for an all-electric pony car, that has not been publically discussed. At the meeting in Dallas where the Mustang news was shared, all-electric never came up.

Still, the recent news means that Ford is going to focus on the future and bringing its iconic models with it. As for General Motors, they have a wider lineup being developed of all-electric cars, but the Chevy Camaro is not joining the fold. So, the future of American vehicles could look quite different.

If Ford can recreate the success of the F-150 PowerBoost, they should be fine. The truck is equipped with a turbocharged V6 with 430 horsepower. That power could be put into these future hybrid Mustangs. If so, there will be plenty to like about the new vehicles. With the world ever-changing, gasoline is looking to be a thing of the past. The development of hybrid and electric vehicles is only improving. Keep an eye out for new developments.