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Ford Runs Out of Motors for Electric Custom Cars

by Courtney Blackann
Photographer: Jeff Kowalsky/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As more car companies are shifting to electric, the demand continues to rise. What Ford recently unveiled is particularly cool and new. The car company recently presented a fully electric motor, which was installed in a 1978 Ford F-100. However, the motor can be purchased and installed in basically any model – except that demand was so high, Ford is completely sold out.

In an interview with Fox News Auto, a spokesman for the company discussed the motor.

“What we’re offering for sale is the Eluminator Crate motor,” the spokesman for Ford says. “So people can buy a full electric motor and install it in their own personal vehicles. Whether that’s a 1978 F-100, like what we did, or a classic Mustang, or any product – whether it’s Ford or not Ford.”

He went on to add:

“So to help people see what this is, we installed it in a Ford F-100, and it has been received so well. The truck looks great. It’s a classic truck. But it’s got a full electric power train in it. We have the Eluminator motor in the front…it’s 480 horse power in a nice package. It drives great, with that modern power train.”

Cost of the Eluminator Motor

Further, the motor is just $3,900. But it still requires power controls – those are left to the buyer. Another benefit is that the motor is fairly small. This means it’s a lot easier to package than others, a Ford spokesperson says.

The product was originally unveiled at the Las Vegas SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) car show. Though it doesn’t come with the battery and power controls, the car company plans to release those products later.

“That is coming soon from us, the ability to have a controller with the ability to calibrate it into your vehicle and then ultimately a battery pack,” Ford Performance Global Director Mark Rushbrook says.

While the part has completely sold out (officials didn’t say how many sold) the company plans to restock quickly. Customers who are interested can sign up to see when the next shipment will arrive.

Ford Dealerships Face Inventory Shortages

With shipping widely becoming a national problem, dealerships are no exception. Shipments of vehicles are stuck on tankers – something affecting many industries.

Due to this, Ford has seen a decrease in product at dealerships.

“There is very little on dealer lots to actually sell,” says Sam Abuelsamid, an auto-industry analyst, to Consumer Reports. “If you anticipate needing a new car in the next six months, it’s probably best not to wait. Go ahead and place a factory order now.”

He also said:

“What we can say for certain is that, in general, auto manufacturers are prioritizing their newer products. Models that are three, four, five years into their production cycle are going to be less likely to get parts for production. Newer and higher-volume vehicles — trucks, newer SUVs, EVs — those are going to get priority.”