Ford Shelby Cobra Concept One-of-a-Kind Model Goes for Millions at Auction

by Samantha Whidden

Ford has done it again. A one of a kind Shelby Cobra Concept has reportedly been sold at the Mecum Actions’ Monterey event on Saturday (August 14th) for a total of $2,640,000. 

According to Fox News, the V10-powered reboot of the ’60 Shelby Cobra was notably built in 2004. The car made its debut during the auto show circuit. Although it was originally set to go on sale a few years later. But the automaker had to ax the idea due to the economic downturn. The iconic car was stored until 2017. Then the car brand auctioned it in order to raise funds for the Fair Lane estate restoration. 

The media outlet further revealed that the $825,000 bid was placed by Chris Theodore. He notably was Vice President of Production at the car brand when the vehicle was originally developed. 

Ford Announces New Type of ‘Electrified’ Toughness With the Mustang Mach-E

On Friday (August 13th), Ford announced it has come up with a new type of “electrified” toughness with its new Mustang Mach-E. The car brand shared that it has put its first all-electric vehicle through “torture testing” to help ensure that the Mach-E is able to handle wear and tear of daily driving. The tests involved extreme car washes and power sprayers, as well as robotic butts and sharp gravel roads.

While sharing more details about the tests, Donna Dickson, the Chief Program Engineer of Mustang Mach-E, stated, “We have gone to great lengths to subject Mustang Mach-E to extreme tests. Stressing it much more than a typical consumer would. To help ensure it is ready to face the rigor of the open road.”

Dickson also reported that the screening of the Mustang was crucial to the driving experience. “We knew we had to go above and beyond to make sure it is durable enough to withstand daily customer interactions. You need that deep customer understanding to identify the potential issues and work to prevent them.”

Car Brand Mourns Loss of Longtime Engine Developer Mose Nowland 

Over the weekend, Ford announced the unfortunate loss of the car brand’s engine developer, Mose Nowland. According to Ford, Nowland was one of the architects of Le Man’s victories in both 1966 and 1967. He was also a key figure in the company’s motorsport history. 

The car brand further reported that Nowland spent 57 years developing Ford engines, which led to the company’s major wins in sports cars, Indy cars, NASCAR, and NHRA racing. He previously received the Spirit of Ford Award in 2005. “His love for Ford continued after his retirement through his volunteer work at the Henry Ford Museum and the Fair Lane Estate. Mose will be missed and our heart goes out to his family,” Ford added.