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Former Delivery Driver Who Allegedly Dumped Hundreds of FedEx Boxes Faces Charges

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A few weeks ago, it was reported someone discovered hundreds of FedEx packages found in an Alabama ravine. Now, the former delivery driver responsible for the mountain of discarded packages faces charges.

TODAY recently revealed the 22-year-old driver now faces five cargo theft charges for the incident. Blount County Sherrif Mark Moon spoke to the outlet about the issue. He said the driver also happened to be a FedEx contractor and was remorseful for what he had done. The driver also noted feeling distressed about a recent death in the family.

“It appears that he was very sorrowful for what he had done, and just admitted that he had — was having some hard times in his life and just made poor choices,” Moon disclosed at a news conference. Moon also stated the man confessed and cooperated with police fully on Friday afternoon.

Authorities discovered around 400 packages in a ditch near Hayden, Alabama. After picking them up, FedEx was able to deliver 153 packages to their correct owners, Moon said. Unfortunately, no one could identify the other 247 packages because of missing or illegible barcodes and addresses. After valuing the goods found, the total is around $24,000.

The former driver dumped the packages on five different instances between November 17 and November 23. A day after the packages were discovered, his company fired him. For reference, cargo theft is a Class D felony, which is the lowest level in Alabama, so it could have been much worse.

“He told our investigator he didn’t take anything, he just unloaded them because he didn’t want to deliver them,” Moon said. “Hopefully this will be one of these very hard life lessons that he will learn from and be able to move forward in his life. That’s what we really want.”

Reports State Thieves Stole 210 Million Packages in 2021

Though the incident in Alabama resulted from a neglectful driver, it’s hardly the only instance of packages vanishing. In fact, studies report in 2021 alone people stole 210 million packages.

CNBC discussed the problem and how companies like Amazon are attempting to deal with the issue. The outlet reports package theft is at an all-time high, stating thieves take 1.7 million packages every single day. Amazon Prime members on average receive 51 packages a year, with one in three Americans reporting having at least one package stolen. CNBC states it’s a total of $25 million in lost goods every single day.

So, how are giants like Amazon combatting this issue? Amazon Key is one, where it allows the delivery driver to digitally unlock your door and safely put the package inside your home. Another creative solution is the classic glitter bomb, where packages are laced with glitter that explodes upon being opened. Another solution involves using Amazon pickup at select locations or having your own lockbox for drivers to put your package into.

I’m a fan of the glitter bomb myself but to each their own.