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Former President Barack Obama Spotted Maskless Talking to Construction Workers at His Oahu Mansion

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

On Friday, cameras captured former President Barack Obama maskless outside of his new home in Hawaii speaking to masked construction workers. Since then, many have criticized our nation’s 44th president for not wearing a face-covering while talking to the men working on his home.

The Daily Mail spotted Obama outside of his new Oahu mansion for the first time. The newly-built beachfront property is still being worked on, but the president recently checked in on its progress. The outlet shared that construction firm Armstrong Builders are in charge of the project, which will include three homes on the site. Additionally, the area will include two pools and an intricate security system.

The property sits on the southeastern coast of Oahu and is well-known from a popular 1980s TV show. The area was used in Magnum P.I. starring Tom Selleck from 1980 to 1988. In 2015, Obama Foundation chairman Marty Nesbitt bought the property for $8.7 million.

As Barack Obama stood outside his new Oahu home, at least four other masked men joined him. The 60-year-old looks visibly annoyed by those who photographed the group’s conversation. However, the president couldn’t have guessed the backlash he’d receive in the coming days. Many have called Obama a hypocrite for not wearing a face covering. But in Hawaii, you aren’t required to wear a mask while outside.

Critics took to social media over the weekend to voice their opinion about the former president. Conservative outlets also called out Obama for not wearing a mask while others near him covered their faces.

“Maskless Obama spotted talking to masked-up construction workers building his new beachfront mansion on Oahu,” FOX News wrote on Instagram.

Neither Michelle nor Barack Obama have commented on the photos so far.

Further Controversy Surrounding Barack Obama’s Oahu Property

The maskless photos of former President Barack Obama have caused quite a stir in recent days. Yet it’s not the only controversy that has surrounded the Oahu property since they bought it.

In 2020, reports revealed that construction on the home utilized a loophole to allow a preexisting seawall to remain on the property. According to local policies designed to preserve Hawaii’s natural coastlines, seawalls are not allowed. The walls supposedly cause beach erosion and coastal damage. They can also impact the natural flow of the ocean.

Yet beachfront property owners in Hawaii often bypass the local laws through loopholes. In fact, before owners sold the property in 2015, they obtained an easement for $61,400. According to the Daily Mail, the easement is a 55-year lease that allows the private property owner to keep the seawall erected.

Many criticized the easement after news broke that the property would retain the seawall. But the easement isn’t a rare case in Hawaii despite local policies. In the last 20 years, local officials have awarded similar easements to 120 properties. While the easements aren’t a new thing, Barack Obama and his family have faced plenty of backlash in recent history over their new home.