Fort Worth Police Department’s New Recruitment Video is the Most Texas Thing You’ve Ever Seen

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

If you’re looking for a job in law enforcement, look no further than Fort Worth, Texas police department. The FWPD is looking to hire a multitude of new officers. And Officer Big B, featured in the clip below, takes us through everything the department has to offer in the most Texas way possible. Check it out.

The recruitment video takes the form of an early-2000s car dealership commercial. And it’s everything we could possibly want to see from law enforcement officers.

“We’re hiring, and we got it all,” Officer Big B informs viewers. The department’s patrol and response vehicles feature first in the “commercial.” Big B energetically shows off Fort Worth Police Department‘s Ford Explorers, Chevy Tahoes, and Ford F-150s.

For aspiring officers looking to hit the streets with more durability, the Texas police department’s frontman introduces us to their SWAT team.

“Currently, you may not have squat,” the police officer says, “but come join us here at the Fort Worth Police Department because we’ve got SWAT!”

Showing off the durability of SWAT’s equipment, he continues, “These big machines here—takes a lickin’, keeps on tickin’.”

Even more hysterically, the officer moves on to Fort Worth Police Department’s mounted patrol. With balloons tied to the horses’ tack like used cars in a sales lot, flitting in the mounted officers’ faces, Big B informs us, “You’re not gonna find more horsepower than what we got here for you right here in Fort Worth Texas.”

The departmental infomercial showed off the rest of its transport units. Several include motorcycles, dirt bikes, bicycles, and even a bright orange sports car. Best of all though is the officer posing as a tube man, the cringey blow-up props seen at used car dealerships and retail spaces.

Viewers, taking to the comments section, absolutely loved the promotional clip.

“I’ve been a lawman for over 20 years,” one viewer said, “And this is the FUNNIEST and BEST recruitment video, I’ve ever seen (because I am a trade in!).”

Another said, “Spectacular! You deserve an Oscar, and you as well as the marketing Dept deserve a raise!”

Texas Police Department Hauls Massive Gator Out of Neighborhood

Just like the Lonestar State itself, Texas police officers are just built differently. Fort Worth’s police department clearly boasts a multitude of fun, high-spirited officers, Big B included. However, Katy, Texas officers recently went viral for a completely different reason. Instead, they scooped up a massive 400-pound alligator in a suburban neighborhood.

Footage captured the large gator taking a stroll through a Katy, Texas local’s backyard. Though the massive reptile didn’t appear agitated, it’s nevertheless a good idea to keep them as far away from people as possible. So how did Katy, Texas police department handle the situation? Well, they called in a tow truck.

Video footage sees the large alligator with its mouth taped shut and ropes hosting the animal up into the truck bed. And while the alligator doesn’t fight its captors, it definitely doesn’t appear content.