Four-Year-Old Attacked by Family Dog in Nightmare Scenario

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It was a gruesome scene at an Oklahoma family home when a four-year-old boy was attacked by a pit-bull after trying to pet one of its puppies. Reports state the child, Axel Foster, was with his grandparents Friday when the dog attacked, ripping the boy’s arm off.

According to Fox News, the responding officer, Aaron McCormick, arrived following the 911 call, locating both Foster and his grandmother in the driveway. In approaching the pair, the Tecumseh police officer encountered a horrifying visual. He spotted the four-year-old’s arm lying inside the dog pen “while one of the puppies was chewing on it.”

McCormick applied a tourniquet to the child soon after arrival. Meanwhile, the reports stated both additional law enforcement officers and animal control arrived to handle the situation. Officers said the animal needed to be put down considering the horrifying state of the encounter.

“We are truly looking at it as a complete accident,” stated Police Chief J.R. Kidney, “a horrible thing that happened right here before Christmas.”

Law enforcement does not intend to press charges against Foster’s grandparents, as they located no history of neglect.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the boy’s grandfather reported he was still recovering the hospital.

Dog Trapped by Family Tortoise Rescued by First Responders

Young Axel Foster’s story is a true tale of terror and tragedy. The fact is especially true during what should be an enjoyable and festive time of year. As he continues to recover, Outsiders wish he and his family nothing but peace and healing this Christmas season.

That said, after such a tragic story, I thought it necessary to provide details into a much more lighthearted tale. This time, it involves a young French bulldog named Bruce and a snarky tortoise named Bianca.

Earlier last month, one Arizona family became frantic after their 10-year-old son Kenton noticed Bruce went missing. The Fortins, of Scottsdale, AZ, spent hours searching for the 1-year-old pup. In their search, they put out fliers, knocked on doors, and eventually reported the lost dog to police.

However, soon enough, the family experienced quite a surprise when they heard barking coming from their own backyard. Soon enough, Michelle Fortin shared with Yahoo News, “I approached the tortoise burrow, and I could hear Bruce barking from under the ground.”

In an ironic turn of events, Bianca had trapped her companion in her six-foot burrow within the Fortins’ backyard. However, while the family now knew the dog’s location, they truly had no idea how to get him out.

After several attempts of their own, they resorted to calling the local fire department, who then contacted wildlife expert Russ Johnson. As firefighters dug at the entrance of the burrow, the spiteful tortoise became curious and made her way out, the wildlife expert snagging her by her shell.

Immediately after, young Bruce emerged from the burrow and the intense, though incredibly strange, the situation finally saw a happy ending.