Four-Year-Old Gives Michael Myers Hug After He Showed Up At Horror-Themed Birthday in Adorable But Creepy Video

by Kati Michelle

Things sure look a lot different now than they did 50 plus years ago. What ever happened to garden hoses and bike rides? Playing outside? Instead, kids these days are growing up in the world of TikTok and aggressively “romantic” gorillas in zoos. Still, one thing remains constant: Kids say and do the darndest things.

In a viral video making its rounds through the internet, a little four-year-old girl gives her hero a great, big hug. The thing is, this isn’t your typical hero. It’s the masked serial killer, Michael Myers. The video involves his surprise appearance at her horror-themed birthday party and it’s got the internet freaking out.

The Return of Michael Myers

“Halloween” is the popular slasher franchise that follows masked serial killer Michael Myers. The original came out back in ’78 and a handful of sequels followed over the next few decades. Actually, Hollywood just announced two new remakes to add to the franchise, with one coming out shortly (trailer here) and another slated for sometime next year. There are a lot of places the presence of Michael Myers just makes sense: a haunted house, corn maze, and/or maybe a graveyard. Now, a four-year-old’s birthday party? What’s up with that?

Apparently, mom Rose Alvarado just fulfilled her daughter Aria’s biggest birthday wish. From the family’s various social media platforms, it appears that little Aria is quite the Halloween aficionado indeed. She frequently sports a little jack-o-lantern purse and owns quite the costume collection as well. She even rocks a “Scream” mask in one Instagram post. So, at the end of the day, a Halloween-themed costume party for her birthday just made sense.

Aria’s mom teamed up with her husband Daniel for the surprise. In the video, Aria and her mom are hanging out outside when all of a sudden, the Halloween theme song starts to play. Aria gets visibly excited and starts looking out for the notorious killer. Eventually, she spots Michael Myers off in the distance. She doesn’t realize it’s really her daddy and runs after the horror star for a giant hug. She even lets out an “I love you.”

You can check out the curiously creepy but adorable interaction here:


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♬ Halloween Theme – John Carpenter & Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies

The Internet Reacts

While most of the comments are made in good fun, Aria’s mom did draw in some criticism. Still, she’s here to squash any rumors of bad parenting. She tells Fox:

“Over time, I’d buy her little trinkets that had [featured] Michael Myers. It’s not like she watches the movies religiously…I guess she just liked him as a character. It’s pretty innocent. She doesn’t mean any harm by it.”

One of the top commenters @jakeczekala jokes: “Plot twist: that’s not the guy you hired”

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