Fourth of July 2021: Interesting Facts About America You Should Know Heading Into the Holiday Weekend

by Halle Ames

With the Fourth of July just a few days away, let’s test your knowledge on how well you know the United States of America.

Sure, you may live here. You may love the USA, but how well do you know these interesting facts about the amazing country you call home. For America the Beautiful’s 245th birthday, let’s share some knowledge heading into the holiday weekend.

As most Americans learned in some of their earliest History classes, the USA won its independence against Great Britain after the Revolutionary War. After rising tension, 13 delegates from colonies came together and signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We didn’t win the war until 1783.

However, here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t learn in school.

America in Comparison

According to AS, the population of the USA is over 330 million, but in 1776 America boasted a population of only 2.5 million. Today, we have the third-largest population globally, sitting far behind China with 1.4 billion people and India with 1.36 billion.

We also have the third-largest country in square miles, only behind Russia and Canada.

And while 245 years may sound like a long time, America is only a baby compared to others on the world map. For example, the oldest country and empire is believed to be the small Republic of San Marino in Europe. It was said to be founded in 301 BCE, making it over 2,320 years old.

I bet 245 doesn’t sound that old anymore in comparison any more.

Furthermore, if you think about it, America has one of the most diverse climates in the world, making domestic travel during the pandemic more tolerable. What climate do you like? Tropical? Freezing tundra? Mountains? Desserts? Humid? Dry? You name it, we have it, baby!

In addition to our 50 extraordinary states, the USA also claims 14 territories, with only five of them being inhabited. They include Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.

The American hat, also referred to as Canada, exhibits the longest international border in the world at 5,525 miles.

Americans and Our Economy

Here is a little about the melting pot of fantastic people that create this country. Nearly 67 percent of all Americans are Christian. There are more than 300 languages spoken in the USA, with English being the most common. However, America does not recognize an official language, but each state has declared their official language as English.

America has the second-largest economy in the world, only behind China. Our biggest industries include petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, chemicals, food production, and telecommunications. The United States’ largest agricultural product features wheat, corn, beef, pork, and timber products.

While gearing up for America’s 245 birthday, we encourage you to celebrate this incredible place you call home. Can someone please cue “The Star-Spangled Banner?” I’m suddenly feeling patriotic.