What Stores and Restaurants Are Open Fourth of July? See the List of Businesses Open or Closed

by Hunter Miller

Fourth of July in 2020 is going to look quite different than in years past. With the coronavirus pandemic going on, many stores and restaurants are closed or are operating on adjusted schedules. However, a number of them plan to remain open this weekend.

Because of the virus, the stores and restaurants open this weekend varies by state. A few of the notable stores closed on the Fourth include Costco and Trader Joe’s. In years past, Costco traditionally closes on Independence Day and other holidays such as New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

As for Trader Joe’s, the grocer typically operated on reduced hours in the past. However, the company will be closed on Saturday “to give all of our Crew Members a much needed and well-deserved day of rest,” according to the company website.

Before heading out this weekend, be sure to check what stores and restaurants are open. Click on the store names below to find each location’s hours of operation.

Popular Stores and Restaurants:

Also, if you plan on heading outdoors for the weekend, be sure to check out the health and safety guidelines recommended by the authorities.

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