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Fox News Journalist Benjamin Hall Gives Update After Being Seriously Injured in Ukraine Attack

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The situation in Ukraine has only continued to intensify since Russia launched its attack in February. To date, both sides have lost considerable numbers of soldiers. However, civilians have also suffered and even been targeted, one such injured individual being Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall. Now, several weeks after getting shot, the writer provided the public with an update on his condition and his outlook on the attack.

At a Glance:

  • Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall sustained significant injuries last month while covering the war on the ground in Ukraine
  • Russian troops opened fire on him and his colleagues’ vehicle while covering the events
  • Hall has lost several limbs, partial eyesight, and some hearing as a result of the assault
  • Despite significant injuries, Hall feels “lucky” to be alive

Benjamin Hall Shares His Condition After Becoming Injured

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, journalists from around the globe have been on the ground. Every day, they’ve been reporting on the events of the war as they take place. As we know, Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall became severely injured last month while doing just that. And although he sustained some pretty dramatic injuries and physical losses, he seems to be in relatively good spirits.

On Thursday evening, Hall took to Twitter to share an update with followers. In his Tweet, he said, ‘To sum it up, I’ve lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other. One hand is being put back together, one eye is no longer working, and my hearing is pretty blown…but all in all I feel pretty damn lucky to be — and it is the people who got me here who are amazing!”

The Fox News journalist shared a photo too, showing him wearing an eye patch, reclining on a hospital bed.

Fox News Journalist Pays Tribute to Colleagues Lost in Attack

Clearly, recovery will be a long road for Benjamin Hall after becoming injured. However, given the alternative, which, unfortunately for his colleagues became the outcome, he has every right to feel lucky.

According to the New York Post, Hall sustained his injuries during a Russian assault last month. Hall, alongside cameraman and friend Pierre Zakrzewski (55) and Ukrainian Fox News consultant Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova (24), had been traveling together in a vehicle, reporting on the ongoing war when Russian troops opened fire on the car.

The outlet reports that both of Hall’s companions died of their wounds, and now, Hall is paying tribute to his friend Pierre and his young colleague, Sasha.

“It’s been over three weeks since the attack in Ukraine and I wanted to start sharing it all,” the journalist Tweeted. “But first I need to pay tribute to my colleagues Pierre and Sasha who didn’t make it that day.”

Hall said of Pierre, a longtime friend and coworker, “Pierre and I traveled the world together, working was his joy and his joy was infectious. RIP.”