Frito Lay Breaks Silence After 6-Year-Old Discovers Bullet in Hot Cheetos

by Clayton Edwards

People have been finding some crazy things in their food lately. Last month, a man went viral after he allegedly found shrimp tails in a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. People all across Twitter weighed in on the event. However, General Mills, the company that produces the cereal, denied that the find was actually seafood leavings. Instead, they claimed that the alleged shrimp bits were clumps of cinnamon and sugar. More recently, a six-year-old boy in Montana found a bullet in the bottom of a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Frito Lay, at least, stepped up to the plate to take some form of accountability.

It all started when Buford Horn Weasel bought his son a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on Saturday. Later that day, the boy found a bullet in the bottom of the bag. It was dented and coated in red Cheeto dust. Weasel immediately reached out to Frito Lay about the alarming find.

This seems like a strange time to find a bullet in a bag of chips. It isn’t just the proximity to the Cinnamon Toast Shrimp. There’s also an ammo shortage afoot. The two combined make this case a real head-scratcher. However, Frito Lay is taking the claim seriously, according to a report by PopCulture.

As you can see in the New York Times tweet below, it was not a live round. The boy only found the copper projectile section of the round. No cartridge, primer, or powder were present in the spicy Frito Lay treat.

Frito Lay Speaks Out on Alleged Cheetos Bullet

Frito Lay issued a short public statement about the alleged find. The statement read, “This situation is highly unusual and troubling, and we have already taken steps to investigate and attempt to identify the root cause.”

According to unconfirmed screenshots posted by Weasel, Frito Lay wasted no time in responding to the frightening find. The screenshots show a message sent to the snack manufacturer as well as their reply. They instructed Weasel to call a customer support number and speak to a specialist about the issue. They added that it would be helpful to have the empty bag on hand so that they could better trace where and when the Cheetos were packaged.

Weasel posted his exchange with Frito Lay after doubters emerged online. Many social media users were skeptical about the alleged find. So, he wanted to show people that at least someone was taking the incident seriously.