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Frontier Airlines Tells Air Marshall To Remove ‘Offensive’ American Flag Mask

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Frontier Airlines is receiving criticism after reportedly telling a federal air marshal to remove his American flag face mask before a flight. The airline faces accusations of prohibiting the man to board the plane if he did not remove the mask. The National Association of Police Organization reports he was instructed to remove the mask because “passengers would find it offensive.”

Frontier says the incident was a misunderstanding. They claim requesting to replace the passenger’s mask with a disposable one was due to the gaiter-style, not the flag pattern.

NAPO wrote a letter to the airline’s president, Barry Biffle, calling him to address the situation as well as “ensure that it never happens again.”

The letter explains the incident in detail, saying he was stopped by the Gate Agent who informed him the American mask would “cause issues with the other passengers.” NAPO points out that “meanwhile, several passengers with Black Lives Matter mask boarded the plane.”

The air marshal reportedly put on the provided mask and covered it with his gaiter. Even so, he had to remove the flag mask. It was apparent that if he did not do so, he would not be able to board.