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Frontier & Spirit Merging in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal to Become America’s Fifth Largest Airline

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Two smaller airlines are now looking to merge to create one far-larger, perhaps more popular, airline unit.

The airlines in question are Frontier and Spirit. These two companies announced in a press release on Monday that they will be merging into one. This entire deal’s value is about $6.6 billion.

CNBC reported that the board of both companies approved this merge over the weekend before making it official news to the public. These are the two largest lower costing airlines currently on the market for consumers to use.

Now, both the airlines are going to have a different image altogether. Once the merge is complete, Frontier and Spirit Airlines will become the fifth-largest airline in the nation. From lower-costing to soon becoming one of the biggest airlines, this merge will hopefully allow both companies to compete better with stronger competitors on the market.

Competitors and New Company Goals

What are the biggest competitors for this new merging airline? Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines continue to dominate the competition.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Frontier to further democratize air travel. This transaction is centered around creating an aggressive ultralow fare competitor to serve our Guests even better, expand career opportunities for our Team Members and increase competitive pressure, resulting in more consumer-friendly fares for the flying public,” Spirit President and CEO Ted Christie said in a statement to the news outlet.

This new airline will still deliver low air-fare travel. It will extend to more people across the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean as well. The new airline will reportedly be “America’s Greenest Airline,” according to the report. The new airline will offer 145 destinations in 19 countries and still $1 billion in consumer savings. Not to mention, this new larger company is going to offer thousands of additional jobs. Due to the ongoing pandemic, more jobs are always a positive.

As of now, the two companies have not landed on a new name for the company. Also, it’s unclear who the CEO will be either. Both Spirit and Frontier have their own CEO and president, which will make things tricky.

Those questions will all have answers later this year. The biggest thing to note is the merge will not seemingly impact Frontier and Spirit’s trademark — cheap travel.

Tennessee Woman Charged on Spirit Flight

Airlines are no stranger to unruly people and outlandish situations. Spirit has been in the news quite a few times with these kinds of events.

According to CNN, back in December, a Tennessee woman was charged in a criminal complaint for her behavior on a Spirit Airlines flight. Amanda Renee Henry consumed countless alcoholic drinks and became extremely disruptive. The flight crew cut her off from drinking.

Other witnesses claimed she was vaping and inappropriately touching and making sexual comments at men on the flight. She was asked to switch her seat for the safety of others since she was by an emergency exit. She had to be restrained and ended up pulling a crewmember’s hair while being handcuffed and placed in a seat.

The FAA reports that there have been more than 5,700 reports of unruly passengers this year.