Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie Reportedly Got Matching Tattoos Meaning ‘Partnership’ and ‘Survival’

by Amy Myers

As the investigation into Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie continues, evidence continues to reveal just how complicated the couple’s relationship was. While there are indications of a toxic relationship, there was also a clear love for each other at one point. Petito was not shy about sharing the better parts of her time with Laundrie over Instagram. This visual documentation revealed that the two had matching tattoos on their hands.

Previously, on Valentine’s Day this year, Gabby Petito shared photos of her and Brian Laundrie together on a date. The two were sharing a meal at a restaurant, following a kiss in front of a waterfall. This was one of the many happy moments Instagram followers saw of the couple and their outdoor adventures. However, this photo collection in particular pointed out a more permanent commitment to each other in the final photo.

Petito snapped a picture of hers and Laundrie’s hands on the table at the restaurant. The 22-year-old adventurist had an outline of a vine twisting around her left ring finger. Meanwhile, Laundrie wore a matching design, though the leaves were filled in with black ink. While this tattoo could have just been a whimsical piece, vines are a classic symbol of resilience and devotion, making them the optimal choice for couples hoping to show their love for the other.

“The wrapping and winding nature of the vine tattoo represents strength, progress, partnership, endurance, promise, survival and friendship,” explained. “No matter the surrounding storm, the vine will stay stuck and which can be a symbol of security. This might relate to the idea of sticking firm to a way of life, an ideal, a belief or a lover.”

Darker Connotation to Gabby Petito’s Matching Tattoo with Brian Laundrie

While the couple’s matching tattoo may represent a sense of “promise” and “survival,” their relationship certainly didn’t end up that way. In fact, there may very well be a darker connotation to the mysterious tattoo. also mentioned the tenacity of vines and their persistence to survive.

“When describing the vine, you can say they aren’t easy to get rid of… they grip on tight to whatever object they have used to get where they are going,” the source stated.

However, as plant lovers like Gabby Petito know, a vine is an invasive species that uses another plant or structure to receive the sunlight and nutrients it needs, no matter the cost at the other party.

Another interesting development has pointed towards a more dangerous intention behind the design. Some internet sleuths have found the couple’s tattoo in Brian Laundrie’s Pinterest board titled, “Things to Burn Off.” It is unclear what this message means, though some speculate that this points to malicious intent.