Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie’s Family Remove Protest Laundry Baskets from Property

by Quentin Blount

The parents of missing fugitive Brian Laundrie waited until it was dark outside to come out and clean up their yard in hopes of avoiding any conversation about what happened to Gabby Petito. In doing so, they removed laundry baskets and signs placed in protest.

A video posted by Fox News shows as Chris and Roberta Laundrie emerge from their home on Sunday night to remove protest signs from their yard. And while most members of the media had left for the night, not everyone had. There was at least one reporter who was working that night asking the Laundrie parents questions as they came outside.

“Do you guys feel guilty about Gabby?” the reporter asks.

Chris Laundrie quickly responded by saying, “Just let me do it.” It’s clear he wanted to come out and remove signs of protest from his property without making a scene. Other than that, he and Roberta remained silent the entire time, refusing to answer any of the reporter’s questions. But that didn’t stop him from doing his job.

“Is there a reason the FBI thinks you’re not telling the truth?” the reporter continues asking. “Do you know where Brian’s passport is? Do you have anything to say about Gabby?”

Chris Laundrie actually joined in on the search of his 23-year-old son at a Florida nature reserve last week. As it currently stands, Brian Laundrie is the only person of interest in the disappearance and death of Gabby Petito.

“A lot of the neighbors think you know more than what you’re saying. They dropped off the sign. They want you to know that they’re concerned that you guys know more than you’re saying,” the reporter added before the Laundries went back inside.

‘Dirty Laundrie Come Clean’ in Gabby Petito Case

People have been protesting at the home of Brian Laundrie’s parents since back when Gabby Petito was first listed as a missing person. Brian Laundrie first disappeared last month after his parents told authorities he went for a hike at the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve. Local police have been searching for him there ever since.

During that time, people from all over the country have made their way to the Laundry residence. And they have brought with them signs, posters, banners, and more.

However, the newest and latest protest now involves laundry baskets — a clear play on the fugitive’s last name. Last week, a Pennsylvania woman came to Florida and brought with her a laundry basket and a sign that read “Dirty Laundrie Come Clean.” That entire display — which consisted of the laundry basket, the “Dirty Laundry Come Clean” sign, a box of detergent, and a bottle of bleach, has since sparked other people to start bringing laundry baskets with them to protest.