Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie’s Father Points Out Son’s Favorite Trails and Spots

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

While officials have yet to actually confirm any sightings of Brian Laundrie, reports recently revealed what might be their greatest lead yet. Allegedly, they stumbled upon a “fresh campsite” within the Carlton Reserve. Its presence hints at the possibility of Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts close by because officials actually closed off the Reserve to the public at the start of their search. The findings came shortly after officials asked Brian’s father to join their search.

Now, Christopher’s inclusion in the search continues to raise eyebrows. The public wants to know why neither he nor Brian’s mother helped the searches prior to now. According to their family lawyer, Steven Bertolino, it was out of their hands. Still, Bertolino’s statements tend to hold some inconsistencies in relation to what his clients have told officials in the past. So, the public continues to take them with a grain of salt. The latest reports show that Chris Laundrie actually returned to the Carlton Reserve today for a brief while. We have footage from the scene for you below.

Brian Laundrie’s Father Spends Time at the Carlton Reserve

Brian Entin, News Nation Now correspondent, continues to provide real-time coverage of all things related to the Laundrie family. He usually sets up shop outside their house to stay on top of any updates regarding their movements. This morning, Thursday, October 7th, Entin followed Chris Laundrie to the Carlton Reserve. Supposedly, Christopher joined the FBI in order to point out his son’s favorite trails and spots that he often frequented.

Although Entin could not get any information from the officials at the scene regarding their findings, he was able to take a video of the location. He mentions the cell signal in the area is very poor across all carriers: Verizon, T-mobile, etc.

Here, Entin also took the time to reconnect with Former FBI Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer. You may remember her from a live stream the other night in which she answered some of the public’s most asked questions about the search for Brian Laundrie. The two planned to connect through video or Zoom, but as stated, the poor reception made this improbable. Instead, they connected over a regular phone call.

She continues to push the stance that most of the handling of this case has been strange. She thinks that the FBI might have found something at the Reserve that cannot be transported. For that reason, they might have needed Brian’s father to confirm something of relation to Brian. Coffindaffer also noted that the large presence of SUVs may be indicative of a special FBI unit called the Evidence Response Team.