Gabby Petito: Canadian Woman Snaps Photo of Man Who Resembled Brian Laundrie

by Shelby Scott

Gabby Petito’s identity saw confirmation after the discovery of the woman’s body in Teton-Bridger National Forest earlier this week. Further, investigations into the missing Brian Laundrie case have intensified. Authorities spent several days extensively searching Florida’s massive Carlton Reserve, where Laundrie’s last reported location was. However, law enforcement has continued to discover nothing of note. As a result, investigators tracking Laundrie have now put a bounty on his head, officially authorizing an arrest warrant.

Now, as the search for Brian Laundrie has gone national, potentially international, one potential sighting has since arisen in Canada. Per the New York Post, a Canadian flight attendant snapped a photo of a man very closely resembling Brian Laundrie outside of one of Toronto’s hotels.

Several notable sightings have gone viral during continued search efforts. However, this snap looks strikingly similar to how Laundrie would appear now, more than a week after his disappearance. Posting her snapshot side by side with another known photo of Laundrie, the similarities are haunting.

Most notably, the flight attendant highlights the “dip” in the man’s mustache. The ends of the mustache angle down and around the man’s mouth, similar to Laundrie’s. She states his ears bend down, but the man clearly wears a mask in the photo. She reasons that even her own ears and many other individuals’ dip slightly when wearing a mask.

About the encounter, she said, “It looks so much like him.”

She continued, “it made me feel really nauseous because I’ve never seen him in person, like many of you haven’t, and this is exactly how I imagined he would look.”

Where Do Brian Laundrie’s Parents Stand in Connection to the Investigation?

As Gabby Petito’s death saw confirmation and Brian Laundrie still remains missing, where do the 23-year-old’s parents stand in connection to the ongoing case? Well, as we know, they’ve remained largely silent. Their silence entails both information related to Gabby Petito in addition to details surrounding their son’s disappearance.

Now, as the manhunt for Laundrie intensifies, is it at all possible his parents could face criminal charges? For now, no. Authorities discovered nothing incriminating during the raid of the Laundrie household (as far as we know) and in the days since.

In relation to the potential, a Florida attorney told FOX, “If the parents lawyered up very early on,” which it appears they did, “and they haven’t really made any statements other than to friends prior to this becoming an investigation [into] Brian Laundrie, then it may be kind of tricky.”

He continued, explaining that no one is sure what crimes were committed if any. He added that since the suspect family attained legal counsel early on, no one can be sure where to look. “[T]here could be some sort of foul play going on,” he stated, “[but] [i]t’s really hard to tell given the limited amount of information out there.”