Gabby Petito Case: 911 Call From Appalachian Trail Hiker Alleging He Saw Brian Laundrie Surfaces

by Lauren Boisvert

Another person has come forward claiming they’ve seen Brian Laundrie. Appalachian Trail hiker Dennis Davis called 911 recently to report that he saw Brian Laundrie on Waterville Rd. in North Carolina. Davis alleges that Laundrie was driving a truck and that he stopped and talked to Laundrie, according to the newly released 911 call.

In the 4-minute audio clip, Davis says that, after he made a U-turn, Laundrie waved him down from his truck. Allegedly, he asked for a way to get to California using backroads. Davis reports that Laundrie stated he had to get to California to see his girlfriend. He states the man was “acting funny.”

Davis tells the 911 operator that he wasn’t sure what Laundrie looked like at the time, but that when he stopped and pulled up a photo of Laundrie, he was “99.99% sure that was him.”

Brian Laundrie Could Face Serious Charges if Found

Dave Aronberg, Palm Beach County State Attorney, spoke with NewsNationNow about the case and Brian Laundrie’s disappearance. He said that prosecutors haven’t filed any additional charges against Laundrie due to Florida’s speedy trial rule; once criminal charges are filed, the defendant must be brought to trial within 180 days. Because no one can find Brian Laundrie, prosecutors are reluctant to file criminal charges against him.

Laundrie’s parents are also primed to become accessories if they helped him in any way. That includes dealing with the van or buying him a plane ticket after he returned home. The Laundrie’s have refused to speak with detectives about their son’s whereabouts.

Aronberg speculated that police would not release Gabby Petito’s cause of death until Laundrie is found. This most likely puts undue stress on her family and community. Aronberg said that Laundrie’s disappearance could represent a guilty conscious, and that running from police could “come back to haunt him.”

Protestors Gather Around Laundrie Home

Protestors and reporters alike have camped outside the Laundrie family home to hound the Laundries about where their son is. Recently, protestors spotted Brian Laundrie’s father, Chris, getting the mail under cover of darkness.

Reporters immediately shouted a volley of questions, like “Where’s your son, Chris? How come you don’t come out in the day time? How do you feel about Gabby, do you have a message for her parents?”

Chris Laundrie did not reply, and went back into his house. A memorial to Gabby has been set up outside the Laundries’ home, as well as a round-the-clock police presence. So far, there has been no violence against the Laundries, but Brian Laundrie’s parents could face criminal charges if they are found to be helping their son avoid arrest.