Gabby Petito Case: Brian Laundrie Was Pictured in a Couple’s Selfie at Fort De Soto Campsite

by Kati Michelle

Gabby Petito’s homicide investigation continues without any substantial information available to the public regarding the circumstances of her death. Still, Brian Laundrie retains his “person of interest” status relating to her case. He is also officially a wanted fugitive with warrants out for his arrest on counts of fraud. Initially, North Port Police led searches within Florida’s Carlton Reserve based on his parents’ word that this marked his last known location. Days and days of searching came up with zilch, leading the public to accuse the Laundries of sending police on a “wild goose chase.”

Eventually, the FBI announced taking over the case. As officials scale back the Carlton search, attention turns to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s leads. Based on the thousands of tips that poured into his anonymous tipline, the personality found his way to the Fort De Soto Campsite in Florida. While many were quick to brush him off, a couple’s selfie proves Brian Laundrie was in fact there at some point. Here’s what we know.

Brian Laundrie Spotted Days Before Gabby Petito Reported Missing

The facts are as follows. Brian Laundrie returned to Florida at the beginning of the month without Gabby. Since his return, the Laundrie family went camping together twice. Now, that’s where things get a little fuzzy. As seen with the rest of the investigation up to this point, the timeline continues to cause trouble.

A statement from the Laundrie family attorney confirms that the family did go camping twice. However, his statement contradicts Dog the Bounty Hunter’s findings. Dog allegedly found proof that their trips spanned at least one more day than they are saying. Dog also alleges that during the latter trip, three people arrived, but only two left the site.

While Dog continues to go down that rabbit hole, new information continues to surface. And with all the media coverage surrounding the case, people in the De Soto area are combing through their personal pictures and videos. They are looking for any sign of Brian or his family to figure out what exactly they were doing there.

A Floridian couple now alleges they camped right beside the Laundrie family at some point. They say they remember seeing a red truck with a camper attached. This matches the description of the vehicle parked outside the Laundrie residence right now. What’s more, is the fact that one of their selfies appears to capture Brian in the distance. Officials are still in the process of substantiating these claims.

Overall, it is a little strange. Brian Laundrie made it back to Florida without Gabby Petito and never reported her missing. Whether his family knew where she was or not, Brian knew more than anyone else about her whereabouts at that point in time. To see the Laundrie family camping together during that time period, then, is unsettling for many.