Gabby Petito Case: Cassie Laundrie Trending After Recent Camping Trip Revelation

by Jonathan Howard

It appears that Brian Laundrie’s sister Cassie may have given contradicting statements relating to the Gabby Petito case. It is now known that she saw Brian on September 1 and 6.

Of course, September 1 is when Laundrie arrived back at the family home in the van he had rented with Gabby Petito. Then, on September 6, Brian met up with his sister Cassie at Fort De Soto Park.

The family attorney, Steven Bertolino released the information. “Cassie saw her brother Brian on Sept. 1 when he stopped by her home and again on Sept. 6 at Fort De Soto Park. Law enforcement agencies are well aware of these dates.”

Cassie Laundrie has offered one of the few statements from the family. Most of the information from that side has been through the family attorney, Bertolino. However, with the report of a “conflicting statement” folks online are putting up their own theories.

As of right now, Brian Laundrie is a person of interest in the case. He is also a missing person. He has a federal arrest warrant for unauthorized use of a debit card. Right now, law enforcement is looking for Laundrie and has worked off a number of tips.

The search for Gabby Petito and now Laundrie has enthralled the nation. There has been a lot of responses and theories posed online. A lot of emotion has been invested in every twist and turn in the case.

Social Media Reacts to Cassie Laundrie News

This case has captured the attention of millions of Americans. Every new revelation gets a reaction from the audience. The same goes for the Cassie Laundrie news. While the family attorney has explained the situation as “a question misinterpreted by Cassie or poorly posed by the inquirer,” people are reacting.

“The media should set up outside #CassieLaundrie’s house. Something is amiss here. #Gabby Petito #BrianLaundrie,” @bluepolitics_ said.

Suspicions abound about what the family knows about Brian Laundrie. These new reports have led to further skepticism. @daniellemeders had their own take.

“His parents helped hide him and helped him get away. His sister was involved and [she saw] him at the campsite. They’re all lying. Just arrest the whole family. That’s it. #dirtylaundries #brianlaundrie #robertalaundrie #christopherlaundrie #cassielaundrie #justiceforgabbypetito

There are a lot of opinions around the actions the Laundries have taken so far. Including Cassie Laundrie’s interview itself.

@HNL7679 said, “My opinion is #cassielaundrie interview with ABC was part of the plan to cover for #Brianlaundrie. Lock the whole family up! Sickening!”

Currently, the search is still ongoing for Brian. Cassie Laundrie has made her statements and the attorney has spoken on her behalf regarding the alleged contradictions. There has been a lot of interesting updates in the last weeks.

One of the most interesting things has to be the addition of Dog the Bounty Hunter. There has been a lot of talk around his appearance in North Port, Florida. He allegedly received a tip regarding the Cassie Laundrie statements. He relayed his tip to law enforcement. It is unclear if officials already had knowledge of the information prior to the celebrity bounty hunter.

Hopefully, the search for Brian Laundrie is concluded shortly and more questions can be answered in the Gabby Petito case.