Gabby Petito Case: Dog the Bounty Hunter Has Four Words for Brian Laundrie After Sharing His Wanted Poster

by Kati Michelle

Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn’t really care what people think. At the end of the day, he just wants to catch the bad guys. With an alleged total of 8,000 captures to his name, Dog is looking to add one more to that list. The name is one that everyone knows by now: Brian Laundrie.

As Dog follows leads that keep pouring into his anonymous helpline, he remains one of the most outspoken leaders of Laundrie’s search. He openly chastizes the Laundrie family, even going so far as to accuse them of helping their son evade police detection. Now, he has a clear message directed at Brian Laundrie himself and it’s composed of only four words.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Let’s Do This

Although his involvement with the Gabby Petito investigation still remains legally ambiguous, he persists nonetheless. He took to Instagram early Tuesday to share a photo with his growing list of 602k followers. The photo is a “Wanted” poster for Brian Laundrie. The caption simply reads: WANTED Let’s do this! He also includes a slew of hashtags to boost awareness for the search: #gabby #dogthebountyhunter #reward #search #florida #justice #team

The photo shares all sorts of identifying information about the fugitive. It also provides Dog the Bounty Hunter’s personal tipline of 1-833-TELL-DOG. It promises cash rewards for information leading to Laundrie’s whereabouts, without disclosing an exact amount. The latest reports put the cash reward at nearly $200k.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is currently stationed at a campsite where he says he holds proof that the Laundrie family visited at least twice. The local police department with jurisdiction in the area is not currently aiding in the search here. However, reporters are making their way to the scene. The campground’s terrain is much less dangerous than that of the Florida reserve where most search efforts have taken place. An aerial view of Fort De Soto Park can be accessed here.

As far as the Wanted poster and Dog’s comments go, you can check it all out right here:

Gabby Petito’s Parents Set To Hold Press Conference

In a recent tweet from Brian Entin on Monday, the News Nation Now correspondent reveals that the Petitos plan to hold a press conference in New York on Tuesday. It is slated to take place at 1 p.m. EST. Their family attorney also confirmed said press conference. No other information has been released regarding the conference at this point. We will provide all the latest coverage on the matter as it comes in from verified sources.