Gabby Petito Case: Dog the Bounty Hunter Claims to Have Video of Brian Laundrie & His Parents at Florida Campsite

by Madison Miller

Millions of people all around the world have become invested in Gabby Petito’s case. The 22-year-old influencer was first declared a missing person after her van and her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, returned home without her.

She was then found dead, ultimately ruled a homicide, when her body was found near a campground at Grand Teton National Park.

Since then, the case continues to evolve and complicate. Brian Laundrie has been unaccounted for and police currently have an arrest warrant for him. There have been extensive search efforts in the Florida Carlton Reserve he was last known to be at.

While millions are tuned into the case, Dog the Bounty Hunter has also taken a personal interest in it all as well. He is claiming that the Laundrie family stayed at the Fort De Soto Park right by St. Petersburg.

New Information Regarding Gabby Petito Case

According to Daily Mail, Dog the Bounty Hunter is saying that the family was at this location twice so far. He believes they were there from September 1-3 as well as September 6-8. The reality star also claims to have camera footage that shows the parents leaving later on without Brian Laundrie.

Laundrie has been reported as “missing” by his parents since September 17. His whereabouts continue to be a major focus in the case, seeing as Gabby Petito’s death was ruled a homicide and he is the sole person of interest. Some people are also speculating about the involvement of Brian Laundrie’s parents.

After Gabby Petito was originally missing, both Laundrie and his parents reportedly provided no information to authorities.

Petito and Laundrie had been on a cross-country road trip that was supposed to end on October 31. Before the road trip, the couple had visited this location in the past. Laundrie once posted a photo on Instagram at the site’s fort. Now, Dog the Bounty Hunter is adamant that the family was here in September.

“We think at least if he’s not here right now, we are sure he was caught on camera as he went in the gate — that he was here for sure. Not over in the swamp,” he said.

This could be a new location for investigators to look into. Right now, there are extensive search efforts going on at the Carlton Reserve, which is 25,000 acres of wild, alligator-infested land near the Laundrie family home. Right now, the Laundrie family is claiming they don’t know where he is. This information from Dog the Bounty Hunter could prove this is ultimately incorrect.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Involvement

Dog the Bounty Hunter is now extremely invested in the case. He has told news outlets that “I will find him,” speaking about Brian Laundrie.

He had reportedly given himself a six-week deadline to find Laundrie and also allegedly has 1,000 tips.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, or Duane Chapman, lost his own daughter in a car accident in 2006. She died when she was only 22, just like Gabby Petito. “I know what the victims feel like,” he said.

Chapman was also seen showing up at the Laundrie family house to gather his own information related to the case.