Gabby Petito Case: Everything We Know About Her Fiancée Brian Laundrie, Who Also Is Missing

by Courtney Blackann

In the wake of the Gabby Petito case, her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, is still missing. Authorities said Sunday that remains were found in grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. They confirmed the body was “most likely’ Gabby. As we wait for an autopsy to confirm these details, the world wants to know why Brian has disappeared.

So here’s what we know:

Gabby and Brian had been dating since they met in high school in Long Island, according to Gabby’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, The New York Times reports.

In July, the two left from New York on a road trip across the nation in a converted van. The plan was to travel to different national parks and camp. However, on September 1, Brian arrived to his parents’ home in North Port, Florida without Gabby.

Eleven days later, Gabby’s family filed a missing person’s report after not hearing from her since late August. However, when authorities wanted to question Brian about where he’d last seen Gabby, his family lawyer, Steven Bertolino, told North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison, Brian was invoking his Fifth Amendment right.

Since that time, hundreds have questioned why Brian would lawyer up and refuse to speak to law enforcement, or Gabby’s family, about her whereabouts.

Most recently, on Sept. 17, Brian’s family said the man left with a backpack on the 14th. He’s been missing since.

Authorities believed Brian may have gone to a nearby nature reserve in Florida and searched the Carlton Reserve, a 25,000-acre park. However, officials suspended that search Sunday after no sign of Brian was in the area.

Gabby and Brian’s Travel Plans

Gabby and Brian regularly posted photos of themselves on Instagram and Youtube. They shared bright photos of the outdoors, their white van and several pictures of them together. The social posts indicated they were living their best “vanlife” adventure.

Gabby had also recently announced the two got engaged – though there are conflicting stories about whether or not they broke the engagement off at some point earlier this year.

Further, Utah law enforcement shared bodycam footage of a traffic stop made when Brian was speeding in the Moab area. Officers witnessed Gabby crying hysterically during this stop and questioned her about what was wrong. Though witnesses saw an altercation between the two before they were pulled over, Gabby told the officer that she was the aggressor and no charges were filed.

Gabby admitted to the officers she had “anxiety” and ‘OCD.”

After the incident, officers let Gabby go in her van. They then drove Brian to a hotel for the evening to give the couple some space to cool off.

Brian is the last known person to see Gabby alive.