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Gabby Petito Case: Ex-FBI Agent Says Her Killer Has Been ‘Likely Identified’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A month after the filing of Gabby Petito’s official Missing Persons report, we have more answers surrounding the circumstances of her death. Dr. Blue released the cause of death as manual strangulation, despite the fact that Wyoming law doesn’t force him to disclose any of that information and despite “hackers” hurling threats and harassing him during his press conference. The decision comes after an unusually long waiting period between the autopsy and the Petito family reuniting with their daughter’s remains.

Leading up to this COD finding, experts from the field made correct predictions ahead of its actual release. Other experts speaking up about the investigation include State Attorneys, K9 Search and Rescue Trainers, and former FBI Agents. Actually, this is why one Ex-FBI Agent says that Gabby’s killer has likely already been identified.

DNA Evidence Could Prove to Be Vital in the Gabby Petito Investigation

Stuart Kaplan marks the name of a former FBI Agent adding his two cents into the mix. He says that Gabby Petito’s family reuniting with her remains points to movement on the back end of the case. Many people feel that this case has been dragging, but Kaplan disagrees. Actually, a lot of experts disagree with that fact. They chalk it up to all the watchful eyes and media coverage skewing the perception of time.

“I think they have moved this investigation quite expeditiously,” Kaplan tells WPBF. He furthers the sentiment with: “Every procedural part of this case could be subject to questioning or challenged in the court of law and law enforcement only has one opportunity to do it right and get it right.”

He also commented on DNA evidence turned over to the FBI from the coroner’s office. “This can, of course, include him (Brian Laundrie) as being the attacker or responsible person for causing Gabby Petito’s death or it could exclude him.”

From the strangulation finding itself, Kaplan says: “That piece of information, I would bet, has gone into grand jury – there is now a sealed indictment for the apprehension for the person who is responsible for the death of Gabby Petito.”

Updates to the Search for Brian Laundrie

Florida’s governor recently commented on the fact that Brian Laundrie remains at large. He relays feeling “disappointed” that the fugitive hasn’t been caught. Meanwhile, officials showed up at the Carlton Reserve with assault rifles yesterday. Although they stated this came as part of a training exercise, others remain wary. Ex-FBI Agent Coffindaffer, for example, says she never once experienced training at an active investigation site throughout her decades-long career.

As far as Dog the Bounty Hunter goes, his presence, too, remains questionable. After allegedly getting injured during his De Soto search for Brian Laundrie, his team relayed his intentions to go to Colorado. Dog later said that he chose to remain in Florida for the search instead. Days later, the story changed yet again. Florida reporters now note that he did, in fact, return to Colorado.