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Gabby Petito Case: Ex-FBI Researcher Claims Brian Laundrie Was ‘Very Much in Control’ of Her During Road Trip

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

As more information continues to surface about the relationship between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, an ex-FBI Behavioral Science Unit researcher, is revealing her thoughts about the former couple’s behaviors. 

During her recent interview with Fox News, the former researcher, Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess, stated Gabby Petito’s boyfriend was very much “in control” the whole time during their cross-country road trip. Dr. Wolbert Burgess then referred to the August 12th bodycam footage from the Moab, Utah police.

The researcher stated that Gabby Petito’s boyfriend appeared to have control over the 22-year-old woman’s van because he was driving it. He was also in control of her credit card since he reportedly used the card. The 23-year-old man also kept Petito isolated by traveling to various report areas and camping. The research pointed out that Petito’s body was also discovered in an isolated area.

Dr. Wolbert Burgess then commented on the fact Laundrie would refer to Gabby Petito as his fiance in the video. According to Petito’s mother, the couple put their engagement on hold. “To Laundrie this is very, very important,’ the researcher explained. “And I think [that’s] what sets into motion the final days for [Petito].”

Forensic Pathologist States Information From the Coroner About Gabby Petito’s Autopsy Is Quite Disappointing 

Forensic pathologist, Cyril Wecht, spoke to Fox News on Thursday (October 14th) about Gabby Petito’s autopsy results. Wecht stated that Teton County, Wyoming coroner Dr. Brent Blue’s press conference about the results was “quite disappointing” for her. This is due to the fact there was a lack of information for the public.

“I found the [press] conference by the coroner’s office there to be quite disappointing,” Wecht stated. “I don’t know why, frankly, he conducted a news conference at all.”

Wecht then told the media outlet there were only two important details that the coroner announced. Which was the cause of death being strangulation. The other detail was that Gabby Petito’s body was found three to four weeks after she passed away.  

Well, three to four weeks is no surprise because that was the period of time she was missing,” Wecht then declared. The forensic pathologist also said that strangulation is a diagnosis that requires some anatomical, pathological reason. “And every question he was asked, he said he could not answer. Or [was] not permitted to answer.” 

Wecht went on to further explain that he is wondering about the strangulation diagnosis. “Because that must mean it was manual strangulation with some fracture of the hyoid bone or the thyroid cartilage.”

Wecht then added that the coroner didn’t give that information out, unfortunately. “So we’ll have to wait until somebody – Laundrie, specifically – is found, arrested, and charged. And then, we’ll come to learn what those findings were.”