Gabby Petito Case: Ex-Fed Prosecutor Comments on Chances Brian Laundrie’s Parents Face Charges

by Jon D. B.

Gabby Petito’s fiance, Brian Laundrie, remains at large. Now, a slew of criminal justice officials and federal prosecutors believe the entire Laundrie family could and will face charges for aiding and embedding Brian’s disappearance.

“If they provided false information to law enforcement that let Brian Laundrie take off and get a week head start… Or if the parents sent law enforcement on a wild goose chase… Searching the preserve when he wasn’t there, there’s certainly a basis to charge them,” federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani tells FOX NEWS Sunday.

Rahmani is one of several criminal justice officials speaking to the outlet that believed the Laundrie’s could face charges. In an excellent interview, Nashville attorney Alex Little doubles down on the same:

While authorities and the family of Gabby Petito searched for her, the Laundrie’s remained silent. Even after her body was found on Wyoming in September, the Florida family would refuse to speak to or aid officials in any way.

“Since he lawyered up right away, I doubt they made any statements,” adds former Miami-Dade homicide detective Pat Diaz of Brian. Diaz’ decades of experience, however, leads him to believe it is going to be incredibly tough to bring charges against the Laundries.

“It’s going to be hard-pressed to prove [wrongdoing] unless they get actual evidence on the parents, which I don’t think they’re going to have,” he tells FOX NEWS.

While the public still has no concrete evidence, many believe the authorities are in possession of damning evidence. Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta, however, face no criminal charges at this time.

Public Passion Behind Gabby Petito’s Case Leads to Mass ‘Conjecture’, Defense Attorney Says

Yet “high-powered” West Coast defense attorney Lara Yeretsian says we simply ” don’t have enough information. All of this is conjecture, honestly.”

And she is right. The American judicial system rests on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Yet this does not stop Yeretsian from stating the possibility of the Laundrie’s being brought in on charges. “Obstructing justice or accessory after the fact” are possibilities, she says.

Meanwhile, Brian Laundrie’s attorney maintains that he is “in hiding” after Gabby Petito’s death. He, and Brian’s parents, refute any claims of aiding Brian in his attempts to disappear.

Federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani expects authorities already have phone records and other digital evidence in custody, as Little tells FOX NEWS above. He adds that “more serious” charges against Brian are “likely.”

“People that are [worrying] about their future daughter-in-law, this is not how they act,” Rahmani continues. “They don’t call a lawyer before reporting her missing to law enforcement, right? They assist an investigation. And they don’t go camping when they’re looking for someone.”

In the end, the federal prosecutor believes that “Everything that [the Laundrie’s] have done is inconsistent with someone who is concerned about finding their missing children.”

All we Outsiders can do is continue to hope for justice for Gabby Petito and her family.