Gabby Petito Case: Has FBI Find Any Evidence of Brian Laundrie’s Whereabouts During $1.2M Swamp Search?

by Shelby Scott

The FBI, North Port, Florida police, and other agencies across the country have converged in efforts to locate Gabby Petito’s missing boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. Now, authorities have passed a week without any concrete leads. They’ve further dumped $1.2 million so far as the manhunt in the Carlton Reserve near the Laundrie household continues. As search efforts continue, both the public and law enforcement officials alike have grown frustrated.

Connecting to the massive bill building up surrounding the search, former LA County Sheriff’s deputy Mike Hadsell shared his thoughts. As to that impressive total, Hadsell said, “I can accurately estimate they are spending $200,000 a day on this search.”

Had authorities located even a minuscule hint this week that Laundrie had occupied the swampy reserve, perhaps frustration would lessen. However, Hadsell additionally shared insight about the obstacles and potentially fatal dangers that lie throughout the swamp.

Additionally, Hadsell provided ideas of what authorities could have potentially picked up on had Laundrie ever been within the confines of the swamp.

“Anytime he would move…he would leave trails because you sink in the mud.” He further added that evidence would have arisen should anyone have been in the swamp and that any K9 will pick that up.

“It’s like searching in Jurassic Park,” the former deputy told the Daily Mail. “It is a hostile and challenging environment…full of alligators, [and] aggressive and highly-poisonous snakes.” Overall, Hadsell stated, “I doubt [Laundrie] would survive more than two to three days because of the dangers of the swamp.”

Brian Laundrie Manhunt Ties Up Search & Rescue

Authorities enter the seventh day of the Brian Laundrie manhunt in the Carlton Reserve. Lack of evidence and a growing bill continue to frustrate Americans and even other law enforcement agencies across the country.

Based on what the Laundrie manhunt has turned up, little proof exists stating that the man was ever there. And while, in itself, that has put greater distance between authorities and Brian Laundrie, it potentially threatens a third party.

Hadsell clearly expressed vexation at the continued search. Although, he did reveal the potentiality that Laundrie’s parents may end up with the growing bill for the fruitless manhunt. Hadsell said, “if this thing turns out to be bogus and they can prove that the family misled law enforcement on this, the parents will get a bill.”

And despite the bill already totaling a staggering $1.2 million, that number is sure to grow exponentially. A week later, authorities have little to no intention of abandoning the search in the Carlton Reserve.

Further, according to The Sun, Hadsell runs the volunteer Peace River K9 Search and Rescue Association in Sarasota. He expressed dismay at the astonishing amounts of money Brian Laundrie has forced authorities to pour into the investigation.

“A lot of other people who end up missing need that money and need that help,” he explained. “To see them blow more than a million bucks out here on this guy…is chaffing me.”